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Gallery of Communication rubrics. Access a list of public rubrics made by our members. Copy rubrics to your zone. Bookmark rubrics for future use Build, share, exchange, and reuse rubrics. Find rubrics by category and type.

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1 rubric Self-advocacy Chart (Social Skills)       popup preview  
Rubric for adapting in social situations

Grade levels:   6-8   9-12  
2 rubric Conversation skills/Social thinking       popup preview  
Rubric for Social thinking progress

Grade levels:   6-8   9-12  
3 rubric Persuasive Speech       popup preview  
This rubric is designed to score your ability to persuade your class about the topic of your choice. Your success will depend on your speaking skills, as well as the presentation of your research and your ability to support your argument.

Grade levels:   9-12  
4 rubric Radio Public Service Announcement       popup preview  
30-Second Radio Public Service Announcement

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
5 rubric ESL Oral Presentation Evaluation       popup preview  
Evaluates the key components of an effective oral presentation for ESL students. This is a holistic assessment.

Grade levels:  
6 rubric Media Studies 20 Social Media Project       popup preview  
Student created Youtube videos

Grade levels:   9-12  
7 rubric Newscast/Skit Presentation Rubric       popup preview  
This rubric is designed to assess student's Newscast/Skit Presentation

Grade levels:   K-5  
8 rubric Resume Writing, Cover Letter and Thank You Letter       popup preview  
This assignment is based on what was taught from Chapter 9 in the textbook. You are to create a resume, cover letter and thank you letter as if you were applying for a job as an LPN. You choose the place of employment but be sure you have the correct address. This assignment needs to be typed, include a cover letter (for me so I know who it’s from), and should be approximately one page for each letter. The resume may be slightly longer depending on experiences and achievements.

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
9 rubric Customer Service Skills       popup preview  
Call center customer service representatives (and other claims representatives) should be able to recall the LAST (Listen, Acknowledge/Apologize, Solve, and Thank) customer service method and apply it to difficult customer call simulation scenarios to aid in creating a positive customer experience.

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
10 rubric Newscast/Skit Presentation Rubric       popup preview  
This rubric is designed to assess student's Newscast/Skit Presentation

Grade levels:   K-5  
11 rubric Newscast/Skit Presentation Rubric       popup preview  
This rubric is designed to assess student's Newscast/Skit Presentation

Grade levels:   K-5  
12 rubric TED Talk Speech Evalution       popup preview  

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
13 rubric GROUP WORK- a 10 Minute Short (narrative film)       popup preview  
The final version of the script, storyboard, shot list and production schedule are to be submitted with the final version of the video. However students will be required to present the working versions of the documents before shooting their narrative film.

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
14 rubric Social Pragmatics - Communication Skills       popup preview  
Rubric for Basic Social Pragmatic Skills

Grade levels:   K-5   6-8   9-12  
15 rubric Informative Speech Rubric       popup preview  

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
16 rubric Rúbrica para un pitch de elevador       popup preview  
Esta es la rúbrica para su presentación del pitch de elevador. Consistirá en una presentación de oportunidad de negocio con dos minutos de duración.

Grade levels:   9-12   Undergrad  
17 rubric Conversation skills       popup preview  
The student will engage with the Tester in a give and take conversation and his responses will be evaluated using the assessment rubric. When engaged in ASL conversations with diverse partners, The student will use repair strategies by asking and/or answering questions about what a signer says in order to gather additional information to clarify something that is not understood for 8 out of 10 opportunities in a 5-minute conversation for 6 consecutive weeks.

Grade levels:   K-5  
18 rubric Language Processing       popup preview  

Grade levels:   K-5  
19 rubric Scoring Rubric for Essay Questions       popup preview  
Comprehension Story Questions

Grade levels:   K-5  
20 rubric Team Role-Play Presentation Assessment       popup preview  
This rubric will be used to evaluate the team role-play presentation.

Grade levels:   Undergrad  

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