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About RCampus


About RCampus

RCampus is a comprehensive Education Management System and a collaborative learning environment. Our suite of award-winning, innovative productivity tools connects students and educators with important information crucial to student success while allowing school administrators real-time access to data for better tracking of institutional effectiveness.

Educators, students and school administrators can manage courses, build ePortfolios, create websites, join eCommunities, assess school work with rubrics and much more, from a single location. Everyone will find RCampus a familiar environment with tools that are easy and effortless to use.

RCampus Editions

There are two editions of RCampus, Personal Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Personal Edition provides instant access to an intuitive environment with a variety of tools designed to streamline teaching, learning, collaboration and self-publishing tools.

This edition is available for free with optional upgrades for advanced features. RCampus is appropriate for all age groups, from Kindergarten to higher education, and is fully FERPA compliant with special attention made to privacy and safety of our members. Build your account today and enjoy it for life.

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Enterprise Edition is the preferred environment for organizations that require advanced features and full control of a customizable system. This edition gives school administrators the necessary tools to monitor progress and activities of students, educators and departments, enabling easy measurement of learning outcomes according to various standards.

This edition is available to K-12 and higher education institutions through flexible licensing and hosting plans customized to meet the needs of any organization.

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Course and Learning Management System

The RCampus Course and Learning Management System is a fully-featured platform for managing course materials, sharing resources, performing assessments with rubrics and exams, publishing grades, facilitating communication and interacting through classroom portals. Designed by educators, it has been extensively tested in classrooms, ensuring its effectiveness and efficiency in teaching and learning activities through a secure and intuitive user-interface. RCampus is fully compliant with FERPA. Along with similar privacy regulations, it provides a safe environment for students of all ages. The sophisticated mechanism of RCampus LMS, which includes RCampus ePortfolios and iRubric, makes it a true all-in-one system.

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RCampus ePortfolios

Our innovative ePortfolio system is a flexible environment, offering a powerful source for authentic assessment. With RCampus ePortfolios, students and educators can maintain lifelong ePortfolios to easily organize and showcase collections of their work, reflections and assessments in multi-page webfolios and matrices. RCampus offers an engaging learning experience by allowing multiple ePortfolios for different objectives such as learning, school and work application, personal interest, career and more. While FolioshotsTM provide a platform for building portfolios with high emphasis on presentation and self-publishing, FolioMatrixTM provide an easy-to-use, multi-layered collection of learning objects and assessments. Educators can be confident that their students have engaged in the ultimate means for integrated learning through RCampus ePortfolios.

The Enterprise Edition includes Folioshot for presentations and FolioMatrix for learning and assessment, and allows school administrators easy access to student ePortfolios for tracking and reporting student learning outcomes. iRubric, our award-winning Assessments and Standards Management System is also included in our ePortfolion Enterprise Edition, providing comprehensive evaluation and analytics capabilities.

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iRubric Assessment and Standards Management System

iRubric is an interactive rubric building, sharing and grading system capable of measuring student learning outcomes as well as many other assessment and evaluation needs. Through iRubric, students are always well informed about their expectations and performance, educators save valuable time through fast and easy distribution of rubrics, grades and detailed feedback. Furthermore, by using iRubric?s extensive gallery of user-generated rubrics, educators will save precious resources by building and re-purposing rubrics to fit their needs.

The Enterprise Edition provides a comprehensive system for managing assessments, standards and accreditation data in an easy-to-use package. By using this edition, educators and administrators can efficiently monitor and report student progress in real time.

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eCommunities and Websites

RCampus eCommunity portals enable easy community building for study groups, clubs, committees, departments and more. RCampus eCommunities come with full websites where groups can easily collaborate, build calendars, communicate through message boards, and publish their work online. Using our intuitive authoring and publishing tools, users of all skill levels can instantly create feature-rich personal and group websites, supporting their collaboration effort in an electronic environment.

RCampus eCommunity websites are multi-media capable with a number of built-in tools and security measures. The Personal Edition of RCampus allows life-long access to eCommunity Portals and the Enterprise Edition provides schools with a rich set of tools for managing an extensive set of sites for various divisions, departments, clubs, committees, and groups around campus while maintaining a uniform look and feel.

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