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Welcome to RCampus

RCampus is a comprehensive Education Management System and a collaborative learning environment.

At RCampus, you can do all your school-related work from building personal and group websites to managing your courses, eportfolios, academic communities, and much more.

RCampus Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition Looking for a solution for your school or organization? RCampus Enterprise Edition is a turnkey enterprise-level system available to schools and organizations at competitive licensing, hosting and cloud options.

Learning & Course Management System  Learning & Course Management System
class  ePortfolio Management System
class  Guided Learning and Outcomes Matrices
rubric  iRubric Assessments
rubric  Outcomes and Standards Management

Request information about our licensing and hosting options.  

RCampus Personal Edition

Learning & Course Management  Learning & Course Management
class  ePortfolios
rubric  Rubrics
website  Student, Faculty & Group Websites
tutor  Tutor Connection
book  Book Exchange

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What our users say about RCampus

"I have only been using RCampus for a few weeks, but have found it to be AMAZING. The ease of set up, the calendar, the ease of copying assignments to different classes. I have found nothing that needs to be improved at this time."

"RCampus/Classcentral is amazing! I just love how easy it is to use. The customer support is awesome too! I have already begun to tell others about it. THANKS!"

"I absolutely love this site! It's nearing the end of the semester, but it helped my figure my grades: one less headache... Thanks, again, for this great site and for reducing my stress level. I teach English, and I dislike math and calculating grades."

"I REALLY like your service and plan to tell others about it. I am just amazed it is free. Thank you very much."

"The timely matter in which you reply [to support questions] is amazing, I would just like to say that ..."

"Thank you so much! =) How cool! Ya'll are awesome!"

"I have to tell you that I really LOVE the rubric maker. It is the best that I have found anywhere."

"Many members from our club really enjoy the conv[en]ience of seeing posts and messages, neatly and conv[en]iently posted right there in front of them right when they go to our site."

"I've been using Yahoo groups to communicate with my students. Where have you been hiding all this time?"

"The more I use the site, the more I like it. Three of my classes are virtually paperless. In my largest classes, I am using the site to keep IEP students informed of assignments. I wish every student had access to a computer; I could have all 7 of my courses turn in work here!"

"Thanks for such a wonderful tool for me and my students. I know there are other sites with similar features; however, my students and I like having the capability to use rubrics!

"Thank you for this wonderful tool. I have the option to use [name removed] in my 8th grade class, as well as your application, but your features win me over!"

"I love this Course Management System. I think it is great."

"I was using a different program of the same type, but have found RCampus to meet the needs of teachers and students much better."

"Your eLearning suite is absolutely amazing. My students love the convenience and so do I. Keep up the great work."

"You guys are amazing! Me, as well as some of my other club members are so impressed by your customer service."

"You are like the safe version of MySpace. I can't get over how much functionality you packed in your website."

Benefits of RCampus Enterprise

licensing Flexible Licensing
Easy Easy-to-use
Secure Highly secure
Collaborative Collaborative
Turnkey Turnkey
Comprehensive Comprehensive
Scalable Scalable
User-Centric User-Centric

Benefits of RCampus Personal

Free Free and Open access
Easy Easy and quick
Secure Highly secure
Collaborative Collaborative
Life-long Life-long
Comprehensive Comprehensive
Cross-Campus Cross-Campus
User-Centric User-Centric

iRubric Receives High-Tech Innovation Award and Special Honors RCampus ePortfolios Named as Finalist for TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Awards

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