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1 rubric American Revolution Podcast       popup preview  
A rubric for a podcast covering the course of the Revolutionary War.

Grade levels:   6-8  
2 rubric Media Project       popup preview  
Students are to use media as a way to communicate to people the idea about the assigned theme. Some acceptable forms of could be: print, radio, television, blogs, and social media Twitter.

Grade levels:   9-12  
3 rubric Media Project       popup preview  
Students are to use media as a way to communicate to people the idea about the assigned theme. Some acceptable forms of could be: print, radio, television, blogs, and social media Twitter.

Grade levels:   9-12  
4 rubric Chart and oral presentation rubric       popup preview  
The student will put together a chart to show during their oral presentation. The chart will contain information that the students collected regarding the muckrakers through internet research. The oral presentation must be aligned with the poster.

Grade levels:   N/A
5 rubric Landforms Poster       popup preview  
Create a unique visual representation of at least seven landforms, label landforms, and on back of poster define each landform, explain how landform might have been created, and give an example and location of where one could see these landforms on Earth.

Grade levels:   K-5   6-8  
6 rubric Political Cartoon Analysis Rubric       popup preview  
Each group is responsible for the analysis, interpretation, and the development of the literal meaning of an assigned political cartoon.

Grade levels:   6-8  
7 rubric Bullying Curriculum       popup preview  
This is a rubric for evaluating the bullying curriculum and resources that belong to that curriculum.

Grade levels:   6-8  
8 rubric Reading Comprehension Questions       popup preview  
Students are required to answer comprehension questions doing/after class readings. Answers must be written in complete sentences.

Grade levels:   9-12  
9 rubric Create a Flag       popup preview  
Students will create their OWN flag that represents their ideas on how a nation should be led. They are to use the ideas from both the American Revolution and French Revolution write a short essay explaining why the chose the shapes and colors for their flag.

Grade levels:   6-8  
10 rubric Postcard Rubric       popup preview  
Write brief postcard to a "penpal" about Great Wall of China or terra cotta soldiers. Postcard should include: an audience appropriate greeting and closing (farewell), and body of letter describing location. Student must use the postcard template passed out in class and must include an illustration that depicts items written in letter.

Grade levels:   6-8  
11 rubric Postcards from Australia       popup preview  
Create a separate postcard for each of the following locations in Australia: Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, Ayers Rock/Uluru, Outback, Great Victoria Desert. On the back, write and address your postcard to family/friend on the right. Tell them about this place you've "visited" providing information about the following: where located in Australia, description of landmark/location, climate, natural resources, people/population, and animals.

Grade levels:   6-8   Post Grad  
12 rubric Writing an Opinion Essay       popup preview  
2-3 page essay where you will discuss the importance of Sputnick and its influence on the Cold War/ Space Race. You must find 1 primary source and 2 secondary sources. Cite using APA standards. 1.5 space, size 12 font, Times New Roman font ONLY.

Grade levels:   9-12  
13 rubric Historical Figure Social Media Project       popup preview  
Students will research a historical figure, then create 3 different social media projects from historical figure's point of view. (Facebook, Selfie, Text Message, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter)

Grade levels:   6-8  
14 rubric A Model of Our Solar System       popup preview  
Take your knowledge of our solar system and create a 3D model. Planets should be in the correct order and proportioned to each other. All planets should be clearly labled. The project is to see how you view the solar system & showcase creativity. This project is worth 100 points & is due March 21. Each student will have to present their project to the class, so come prepared to discuss how the 3-D solar system model was created, be able to discuss the solar system & talk about each planet.

Grade levels:   6-8  
15 rubric Annotation Rubric for Non-Fiction Texts       popup preview  

Grade levels:   6-8   9-12  
16 rubric Community Helpers       popup preview  
All about Community Helpers FlipBook

Grade levels:   K-5  
17 rubric Seneca High School Powerpoint Presentation       popup preview  

Grade levels:   9-12   Undergrad  
18 rubric Copy of Student Behavior       popup preview  
This Rubric has been developed to create an environment best for learning.

Grade levels:  
19 rubric Google Slides Research Presentation       popup preview  
You must create your research presentation using Google slides. When complete upload to Google Classroom.

Grade levels:   9-12  
20 rubric 5th Grade Social Studies Project       popup preview  
Students will research information on assigned regions and prepare a presentation to convey information to an assigned audience.

Grade levels:   K-5  

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