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iRubric: College Level - Writing Assignments Rubric

iRubric: College Level - Writing Assignments Rubric

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College Level - Writing Assignments Rubric 
Rubric for grading college level student writing assignments.
Rubric Code: S23AX7A
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Subject: Education  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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Not Sufficient


Content & Facts


- Content follows the purpose of the assignment, is comprehensive and accurate.
- Major points are stated clearly and are well supported.
- Research is appropriate and addresses course concepts
40 pts

- Majority of content follows the purpose of the assignment, is comprehensive yet lacks persuasion.
- Major points are addressed, but not well supported.
- Research is somewhat accurate; yet does not address course concepts.
36 pts

- Content is inconsistent and do not follow the purpose of the assignment, not comprehensive and/or persuasive.
- Major points are not clear nor addressed.
- Research is inaccurate and does not incorporate course concepts.
33 pts
Not Sufficient

- Content is incomplete.
- Major points are missing.
- Lack of research incorporated into assignment.
27 pts
Structure & Organization


- Structure of the paragraph is clear and easy to follow, with smooth and effective transitions.
-Maintains focus on the main point in each paragraph; well developed.

25 pts

-Structure of some paragraphs are disoriented.
-Paragraph transitions are evident but weak.
-Focus of some paragraphs contained disconnection between main points.

21 pts

- Structure of the paragraph is not easy to follow.
- Paragraph transitions are disorganized.
- Includes multiple main points in one paragraph.

19 pts
Not Sufficient

- Organization and structure detract from the intended message; do not exist.
- Paragraph transitions missing and lack transition of thoughts.

13 pts
Sources & Format


- Paper follows APA guidelines.
- Paper is the appropriate length as described for the assignment.
-Demonstrates appropriate knowledge of APA in-text citation and reference list.
25 pts

- Paper follows most guidelines.
- Paper is slightly over/ under word length.
-APA in-text citation and reference list have one to three mistakes.
21 pts

-Paper diverts from designated guidelines.
- Paper needs improvement in regard to word length.
- APA in-text citations and reference list have four-five mistakes; needs improvement.
19 pts
Not Sufficient

- Paper lacks various elements of correct formatting.
- Paper is inadequate in word length.
- Inappropriate use of APA format; consists of six or more mistakes in-text citation and reference list.
13 pts
Grammar & Usage


- Rules of grammar and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct.
- Language is clear and precise; accurately conveying ideas and messages.
10 pts

- Paper contains minimal grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.
- Language lacks some clarity or includes the use of some jargon.
7 pts

- Paper contains numerous grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.
- Language uses jargon or conversational tone.
4 pts
Not Sufficient

- Paper is difficult to read
-Contains multiple and serious errors in spelling, capitalization and grammar.
-Communication through language is hindered.
2 pts

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