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1 rubric Research Essay       popup preview  
Multi-Paragraph Essay Rubric: Research Essay

Grade levels:   9-12  
2 rubric Timeline Rubric       popup preview  
Basic Rubric for evaluation of a single timeline or multiple timelines on the same paper.

Grade levels:  
3 rubric Human Origins Rubric       popup preview  
Basic Rubric for evaluation of an annotated timeline.

Grade levels:   9-12  
4 rubric HBCU Research Project       popup preview  
Electoral Process Project

Grade levels:   K-5   9-12   Undergrad  
5 rubric Visual Analysis Rubric       popup preview  
Students are asked to study and analyze a work of art on exhibit at MCAD with reference to course material as appropriate.

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
6 rubric 8th Grade ELA Argumentative Essay Rubric       popup preview  
The attached rubric supports Writing Standard 1 under the Common Core State Standards. This rubric was specifically designed with Community House Middle School in mind.

Grade levels:   6-8  
7 rubric Informative Essay Wit & Wisdom       popup preview  

Grade levels:  
8 rubric Analyzing Misleading Marketing Claims       popup preview  
Through this project, students will gain a deeper understanding of food labels and sustainable claims while developing critical thinking skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the food industry as informed consumers. Students will be able to assess their understanding and proficiency in deciphering misleading marketing tactics and making informed choices about the food they consume.

Grade levels:   9-12  
9 rubric Immersion Portfolio Rubric       popup preview  
This rubric is intended for the holistic assessment of the portfolio submitted by the immersion students

Grade levels:   9-12  
10 rubric Oral Presentation of Research       popup preview  
The student makes a presentation to the class.

Grade levels:   9-12  
11 rubric Reflective Essay Rubric       popup preview  
This rubric is to be used to write a reflective essay over Primary Source materials read outside of class. Reflection over the material and how you internalize the information for yourself is expected to be reflected within the essay.

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
12 rubric HBCU Research Project       popup preview  

Grade levels:   9-12   Undergrad  
13 rubric Rubric for Counseling Role Play 1       popup preview  
Students role play counseling session and demonstrate appropriate active listening skills. No questions, no advice, no problem solving. Use active listening skills of paraphrasing, reflections, minimal encouragers, and summarizations. Clarification only when necessary.

Grade levels:   Undergrad  
14 rubric Stand Up Comedy Routine and Presentation       popup preview  
Create a 3-5 minute stand up comedy skit and present it to an audience. Props are optional, but limited to two. They may not not be vulgar, crude, racist or inappropriate in any way.

Grade levels:   6-8  
15 rubric Social Media Project       popup preview  
Students are to design their own Social Media Platform or App.

Grade levels:   6-8  
16 rubric Mental Health Case Study       popup preview  
The student will research, analyze and develop a case study presentation that shows proficiency in applying principles and models of assessment, case conceptualization, theories of human development, and concepts of normalcy and psychopathology leading to a diagnosis and appropriate counseling treatment plans.

Grade levels:   Grad  
17 rubric Mon lieu préféré       popup preview  
Create an advertisement to encourage French travellers to visit a different french community

Grade levels:   9-12  
18 rubric America's Amazon: CTE White Paper Rubric       popup preview  
By leveraging the power of Career and Technical Education, this white paper aims to provide a roadmap for unlocking the full potential of America's Amazon: the Delta, ensuring its preservation for future generations while fostering prosperity for local communities.

Grade levels:   9-12  
19 rubric RÚBRICA DE PRÁCTICA       popup preview  
Esta rúbrica es para evaluar una práctica de laboratorio

Grade levels:   6-8   9-12   Undergrad   Grad   Post Grad  
20 rubric RÚBRICA DE ESCRITURA       popup preview  
Esta rúbrica es para evaluar un trabajo escrito

Grade levels:   6-8   9-12   Undergrad   Grad   Post Grad  

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