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iRubric: Writing Assignments rubric

iRubric: Writing Assignments rubric

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Writing Assignments 
Use this rubric for grading student papers. Can be customized for any subject.
Rubric Code: C22CB8A
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Subject: Health  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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Writing Assignment
  Level 1

Lack of understanding of what is being asked. Please contact facilitator for guidance.

40 pts

Level 2

Do more work with facilitator. Ask for help.

You can do this!

60 pts

Level 3

Well done. You are on your way to being a great writer!!

Keep up the good work!

80 pts

Level 4

Exceptionally well done! You are doing great!

Keep up the excellent work!

100 pts

Content & Development
50 %

Is it clear which question is being answered?

Have all parts of the question been answered?

Is the subject easy to understand & to follow?

Are major points well supported?

Level 1

- Content is not sound.

- Questions are not answered.

- No research to support major points
Level 2

- Content is incomplete.

- Major points are not clear and /or persuasive.

- Questions are partially answered

- Research is inadequate
Level 3

- Content is not comprehensive and /or persuasive.

- Major points are addressed, but not well supported.

- Research is inadequate or does not address course concepts.

- Content is inconsistent with regard to purpose and clarity of thought.
Level 4

- Content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive.

- Major points are stated clearly and are well supported.

- Research is adequate, timely and addresses course concepts.

- Content and purpose of the writing are clear.
Organization & Structure
20 %

Is the paper organized as a narrative, informative or argumentative?

Is the chosen writing style consistent throughout the paper?

Level 1

- Paragraphs lack clear ideas

- Flow of the writing is not easy to follow

- No sense that the writer understands what is being asked
Level 2

- Organization and structure detract from the message of the writer.

- Paragraphs are disjointed and lack transition of thoughts.
Level 3

- Structure of the paragraphs is not easy to follow.

- Introduction to question is missing or, does not preview major points.

- For questions requiring more information, paragraph transitions need improvement.

- Conclusion to the question is missing, or disjointed from the rest of the answer or body of the paper.
Level 4

- Structure of the paragraphs is clear and easy to follow.

- Introduction to each question answered provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.

- Paragraph transitions, when required, are present and logical and maintain the flow of thought.

- Conclusion to the question is logical and flows with the rest of the work.
20 %

Are paragraphs indented?

Is the title centered, underlined and contains the writer's name and course description?

Has the writer followed APA guidelines?

Level 1

- Paper lacks correct formatting

- Paper does not include any references to works used to answer questions or if it does, sources are not properly integrated into the paper

- There is not Works Cited page included (Reference page)

- Plagiarism is evident
Level 2

- Paper lacks many elements of correct formatting.

- Citations and references are provided but not well integrated into the paper.

- Errors in APA guidelines apparent

- Paper is inadequate/excessive in length.
Level 3

- Paper follows most guidelines.

- Paper provides citations, but there may be some errors.

- Paper provides reference list on Works Cited page, with some errors or omissions but follows APA guidelines.

- Paper is over/ under word length.
Level 4

- Paper follows APA guidelines.

- Citations and references are used
appropriately with no errors.

- Sources are well integrated into the paper and referenced on Works Cited page with no errors

- Paper is the appropriate length as described for the assignment.
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling
10 %

No spelling errors.

No missing or incorrect punctuation.

No missing capitalizations.

Level 1

- Paper is difficult to follow due to language used.

- Sentences are not clear

- There is an interchange between past and present tense as well as plural and singular usage

- No use of examples

- Continuous grammatical and mechanical errors
Level 2

- Paper contains numerous grammatical, punctuation, syntax, and spelling errors.

- Language uses jargon or conversational tone.
Level 3

- Paper contains few grammatical, punctuation, syntax, and spelling errors.

- Language lacks clarity or includes the use of some jargon or conversational tone.
Level 4

- Rules of grammar, syntax, and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct.

- Language is clear and precise; sentences display consistently strong, varied structure.

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