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iRubric: Fake News Media Project rubric

iRubric: Fake News Media Project rubric

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Fake News Media Project 
Students are to use social media formats as a way to communicate to people their idea about their selected fake news topic. Acceptable formats are a blog, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumbler. Pages should be fake. Students can use a poster board, or paper to design what their page would look like.
Rubric Code: Q246995
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Subject: English  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8, Undergraduate

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  Level 4


Level 3


Level 2


Level 1



* hoaxes, propaganda, and false information

*mimics real headlines and twists a story

* site you’ve never heard of

*bias vocabulary

*excessive punctuation

Level 4

Theme was on target and clear throughout the entire project.
Level 3

Proper theme for the most part, but with some minor elements off.
Level 2

Theme was appropriate and consistent through out the project, but was not as assigned.
Level 1

Theme was not as assigned, and was not consistent in through the project.

Level 4

Project was neat and orderly; shows that the student put in effort and care.
Level 3

Project shows thought and care, but hastily done.
Level 2

Project was visually sloppy, suggesting hasty work and not much effort.
Level 1

Very sloppy and rushed.

Level 4

Project was creative and insightful.
Level 3

Project shows some creativity in parts, but not through the entire thing.
Level 2

Project has one creative element, but lacks creativity for the most part.
Level 1

No creativity or insightful thought.
Content/ Topic

Level 4

Content is appropriate for the project.
Level 3

Content is mostly appropriate, but there was one objectionable element.
Level 2

Two-three objectionable elements included.
Level 1

More than three objectionable elements.

Level 4

Student was prepared, clearly presented, and had no technical difficulties.
Level 3

Student was prepared, presented clearly, but there were some technical difficulties.
Level 2

Student was not fully prepared, or did not present clearly.
Level 1

Student was not fully prepared and did not present clearly.

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