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iRubric: Music (Board) Game rubric

iRubric: Music (Board) Game rubric

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Music (Board) Game 
Create an original game incorporating the performance, historical and interpretive elements of your assigned song. You must create a rules page that describes how to play the game in detail. The game board needs to be creative, with a game name, and all of the materials to play the game must be included. Fact and game cards must be typed. Your game board must be complete and ready for play-testing Wednesday, Mar 13th.
Rubric Code: K246728
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Subject: Music  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  20-18 points (Extending)

All criterion are met.
The game can be used as an example in the future to other students doing the project.


17-15 points (Proficient)

While the criterion are met, they may be minimally covered, confusing or contradictory - the game would not be an exemplar for future students.


14-10 points (Developing)

Some elements of the project were clearly met, while others were partially completed or missed entirely.


9 or fewer points (Emerging)

The number of errors in the project were significant and detracted from the game play. Students would not be able to play the game independently.


Game Board

Overall Design

20-18 points (Extending)

*Game is handed in on time.
*Design is a clear representation of the music content, easy to play and rules are well written.
*Gameboard is very colorful and clearly demonstrates creativity
17-15 points (Proficient)

*Game is handed in on time.
*Design is partly representative of the music content, it may be a little confusing to play and rules are limited.
*Gameboard demonstrates some creativity and includes researched facts.
14-10 points (Developing)

*Game is handed in on time.
*Design is somewhat representative of the music content, the game is slightly difficult to play and rules are poorly written.
*Gameboard may be colorful but not too creative.
9 or fewer points (Emerging)

*Game is late or not submitted.
*Design is poor, with little or no relevance to topic. No rules or instructions evident.
*Gameboard is lacking creativity and/or color.
Card sets

2 sets are required (one set per player/team)

20-18 points (Extending)

Game includes at least 15-20 or more fact cards.

Game has other types of cards that add to the game experience.
17-15 points (Proficient)

Game has 10-15
fact cards.

Some disaster cards.
14-10 points (Developing)

Game has 5-10
fact cards.

No other cards
9 or fewer points (Emerging)

Game has less than 5
fact cards.

No other cards

*history of song (sometimes actual historical info beyond song)
* articulation
* dynamics/blend/balance
*composer information (and/or arranger)

20-18 points (Extending)

Few, if any errors; these do not distract the game player. Carefully edited. Neatness shown, lots of color. No mis-spelled words. Complete sentences as appropriate on the board as well in the fact cards.
17-15 points (Proficient)

Few errors; these do not affect meaning. Appears to be carefully edited and proofread. Few spelling errors. Nice and neat.
About half is colored.
14-10 points (Developing)

Noticeable errors may cause confusion; often errors could be fixed by careful proofreading. May include messy writing.
No color or hardly any.
9 or fewer points (Emerging)

Frequent noticeable errors distract the players and may interfere with meaning. Many spelling errors.
Lay-out of game squares, path?Win?

How does the game look - does it relate to the music it is supposed to help students study?

20-18 points (Extending)

The layout of the game, or path to move through the game is very clear.
Players understand the concept and how to play to win.
17-15 points (Proficient)

Layout of the game is fairly clear. Player does not have to ask too many questions on how to play the game.

Layout is somewhat certain as to what happens when you fail or miss questions.
14-10 points (Developing)

Layout of the game is very confusing, players are not sure where to go. Understanding the game is somewhat difficult.

Player has to ask several questions to understand how to play the game.
9 or fewer points (Emerging)

The layout of the game is way too confusing and mis-guided. The game is very difficult to understand and players have to ask way too many questions to play the game.
Does not flow well.
Game pieces/ How to Play?

Directions? Must have at least 10-15 rules

20-18 points (Extending)

Game includes all of the necessary pieces to play the game. Includes directions, a game board, separate piece of paper or pp. 10-15 rules present.
17-15 points (Proficient)

Game is missing one of necessary pieces to play the game or is missing part of the directions, but game is still able to play and proceed.8-10 rules present
14-10 points (Developing)

Game is missing two or more of the necessary pieces to play the game. Very confusing written directions.
Players cannot play without being confused. 5-8 rules present.
9 or fewer points (Emerging)

Game is missing most of the pieces to play.
There are no directions on how to play.
Players need to guess to figure the game out. Less than 5 rules present.

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