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iRubric: Cultural Diversity Popplet Rubric

iRubric: Cultural Diversity Popplet Rubric

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Cultural Diversity Popplet Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Cultural Diversity Popplet Rubric
built by turnerw

Rubric Code: TX92WWC
This rubric is meant to help guide in the creation of your Popplet presentation project. Each category in the far left column will be taken into consideration when grading your assignment. Review the rubric carefully before, during, and after the creation of your project to make sure that you have included everything you need.
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Keywords: Popplet Presentation Rubric
Categories: Subjects: Computers   English   Foreign Languages   Health   History   Education  
Types: Project   Presentation  
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8

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4 pts
Very Well
3 pts
2 pts
Needs Improvement
1 pts

Page has correct information. Theme is indicated. Contains 5 subtitles with 2 statements related to subtitle.<BR>
Topic is discussed clearly and in an organized manner.
Very Well

Has relevant information. Theme is indicated. Contains 4 subtitles with 2 staements realted to subtitle.<BR>
Topic is somewhat discussed but more information is required.

Missing some information. Theme is indicated.<BR>
Topic is slightly discussed but more material is needed.
Needs Improvement

Page does not contain relevant information.<BR>
Topic is addressed but not discussed or elaborated on.

Page is attractive. Text is easy to read. Graphics are used throughout to enhance presentation. More than 5 graphics present related to topic. Information is at the advanced level and consistently supports images.
Very Well

Page is attractive. Text is easy to read. The page uses 5 graphics to enhance presentation. Information adequately supports images.

Page is easy to read. Amount of text is too great for the amount of space provided. Page has less than 4 graphics. Information supports images at times.
Needs Improvement

Page is not easy to read. The amount of text is too great for the space provided. There is little use of graphics. The information does not consistently support images.
Grammer and Mechanics

Capitalization and punctuation are correct throughout the presentation. There are no grammatical errors.
Very Well

There is less than 2 grammatical errors on the presentation.

There are less than 4 grammatical errors on the presentation.
Needs Improvement

There are many grammar or mechanical errors on the presentation.
Use of Class Time

Used time well during each class period. Focused on getting the product done. Never distracted others.
Very Well

Used time well during each class period. Usually focused on getting the project done and never distracted others.

Used some of the class time well during each class period. There was some focus on getting the project done but occasionally distracted others.
Needs Improvement

Did not use class time to focus on project OR distracted others. Reminders were given.
Oral Presentation

Voice is clear. Easy to understand. Pronounciation and enunciation is well articulated. Good tone of voice.
Very Well

Voice is clear. Easy to understand most words. Pronunciation and enunciation of most words are good. Tone of voice is present.

Voice is somewhat clear. Some words are easy to understand. Pronunciation and enunciation of some words are good. Tone lacks expression.
Needs Improvement

Voice is mumbled. Words are difficult to understand. Mispronounced words and enunciation make presentation difficult to understand. Monotone voice.

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