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iRubric: Deck the Halls Contest rubric

iRubric: Deck the Halls Contest rubric

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Deck the Halls Contest 
This is the rubric we will use to judge the VIS hallways.
Rubric Code: A2398A3
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Public Rubric
Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8

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  4 points

4 pts

3 points

3 pts

2 points

2 pts

1 point

1 pts



Visual Impact

4 points

This hallway blew me away!

3 points

This hallway is pretty cool!

Nice job!
2 points

Okay, I see where they were going with that.

Pretty decent.
1 point

Ummm.. okay.

I don't get it!

4 points

Decorations are really well constructed and used well.

The craftsmanship and skills are excellent.
3 points

The hallway is attractive in terms of neatness. Decorations are of good construction and not very messy.

The craftsmanship and skills are good.
2 points

The hallway is acceptably attractive though it may be a bit messy.

The craftsmanship and skills are average.
1 point

The hallway is distractedly messy and/or the craftsmanship and skills are poor.

4 points

Space was utilized well. Decorations well distributed. It's a big hall and they used it well.
3 points

Space was not utilized to its full extent and/or some items seem out of place. Used the hall well, but ran out of steam or decorations.
2 points

Space is somewhat complete. Decorating was attempted. Apparently didn't plan for the size of the hall.
1 point

Decorating was barely or not attempted. Space not complete. Apparently it was too much work to use an entire hall.

4 points

Exceptional use of new ideas and originality to create a fall space.

Obviously are thinking well outside the box.
3 points

Good use of new ideas and originality to create a fall space.

Good use of house themes, but no big surprises.
2 points

Average use of new ideas and originality to create a fall space.

Nothing unexpected here.
1 point

No use of new ideas and originality to create a fall space.

The only unexpected thing here is the lack of effort.
Grade Level/Pod

4 points

Hallway has really good & varied representation of it's grade.

They are really showing their pride & student involvement.
3 points

Hallway has a decent representation of its grade level.

There's some good student involvement & use pride going on.
2 points

Hallway represents its grade, but nothing stellar.

Student involvement & pride is a little lackluster in their spirit.
1 point

Hallway doesn't clearly represent one house or another.

Apparently there is no holiday spirit or pride left.

  • hallway, decorating, holidays

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