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iRubric: Literature Circle:Learning and Sharing rubric

iRubric: Literature Circle:Learning and Sharing rubric

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Literature Circle:Learning and Sharing 
Assesses students productivity and participation within literature circles.
Rubric Code: L38A69
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Subject: English  
Type: Reading  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Well Done!

5 pts

Fairly Good

3 pts

Need more information

1 pts

Querying Questioner

Well Done!

Wrote at least 3 interesting questions to discuss with the group. The questions were challenging and thought provoking.
Fairly Good

Wrote 3 questions to share with the group. The questions weren't challenging and had simple answers.
Need more information

Provided less that 3 questions. Questions had simple and/or yes/no answers.
Word Wizard

Well Done!

Found 5 new, unique, or interesting words to discuss. I provided page numbers and clear, easy to understand definitions for each word.
Fairly Good

Found 3-4 new unique, or interesting words. I provided page numbers and defintions for each word.
Need more information

Found 2 or fewer new, unique or interesting words. Page numbers missing and/or unclear definitions.
Astonishing Artist

Well Done!

Illustrated an interesting scene from the story. Color and detail added to illustration. Included short paragraph explaining why you chose the scene.
Fairly Good

Illustrated a scene from the book. Illustration missing color and/or details. Explanation of why the scene was chosen is not written in paragraph form.
Need more information

Illustrated a scene from the story. Illustration is missing color and detail. No explanation for choosing the scene is provided.
Super Summarizer

Well Done!

Wrote thorough summary of the section. Included only major ideas and events. Summary is in correct sequence and contains accurate information.
Fairly Good

Wrote summary of the section. Included some minor details along with major ideas and events. Information is accurate, but out of order.
Need more information

Summary missing major ideas and events from section. Focused on too many minor details. Information is inaccurate and/or out of order.
Creative Connector

Well Done!

Made two clear and concise connections from the text using text-to-world and text-to-self.
Fairly Good

Made at least one clear and concise connection from the text using either text-to-world or text-to-self.
Need more information

Did not include any clear and concise connections from the text.

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