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iRubric: Infectious Disease Book Project PART 4 rubric

iRubric: Infectious Disease Book Project PART 4 rubric

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Infectious Disease Book Project PART 4 built by dslaughter

Rubric Code: W88XW8
Students will read a book related to infectious diseases. He or she will complete the 4 submissions of the following as the written portion of the project, followed by a class presentation and discussion. Part 4 --> 42 points
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Categories: Subjects: Biology  
Types: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12, Undergraduate

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3 pts
2 pts
1 pts
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Background X3
3 pts
Brief overview of contents of this quarter of the book. excellent

Overview is excellent, concise, informative, easily grasped by reader. Key points are presented in student's own words and the organization flows properly.

Overview is concise, informative, easily grasped by reader. Most key points are presented in student's own words and there is some organizational flow.

Overall summary covered is fair. Many key points are left out. The student does not make a clear effort of summarizing.

Overview is missing or lacking in description or severely lacking in organization or depth. <BR>
The summary does not accurately describe content and or major points.
Key Concepts X3
3 pts
TWO key concepts that any reader should retain are included and their importance to the understanding/prevention of infectious disease

At least TWO key concepts related to ID are described with accuracy in a concise manner, but in enough depth so that the information is provided is meaningful.

Two key concepts are adequately described concisely and in some depth. Information is provided is meaningful to study of ID.

One or two key concepts are described with some accuracy but the information lacks clear connection to ID and significance to the reader.

Only one key concept is inadequately or inaccurately described and its significance is not explained.
Favorite Quote X1
1 pts

One quote is stated along with its significance to ID , the overall theme of the book and/or any concerned citizen is clearly and completely explained.

A quote is stated. Its significance to ID, the reader and/or the theme of the book are somewhat explained.

One quote is stated and the explanation of its import may be explained with little depth or connection to infectious disease

No quote stated
Overall Reflection X3
3 pts
Students' reflection/opinion of the topics in this book...How has it changed your thinking?

Student expresses thoughtful and insightful comments on how the book has changed them by, for example: given them new insights into the science of ID and or the moral and ethical issues related to ID.

Student's reflection is relevant, has some supporting detail suggests an understanding of author's message

Student's reflection is relevant, but lacks depth, supporting detail and/or understanding of author's message

Student's relflection is not given or lacking in thought and or understanding of author's message
Research a Question X3
3 pts
Choose one topic (idea/issue/question) brought up in this book that you would like to know more about. RESEARCH this topic and report current information including citations, that shed light on your questions

Topic chosen is described and the student's reason for choosing this topic and its relevance to ID is explained with elaboration and detail. Current info is described with elaboration and citations are provided

Topic chosen is described and the student's reason for choosing this topic and its relevance to ID is explained. Current research and citations are provided

Topic chosen is described and the student's reason for choosing this topic explained. Current info/citations are limited in depth or lacking detail.

Topic of interest missing or provided with little thought, relevance to ID. Response lacks thought, understanding and or relevant information

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