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iRubric: Founding Fathers Biography Report and Presentation rubric

iRubric: Founding Fathers Biography Report and Presentation rubric

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Founding Fathers Biography Report and Presentation

  Derived from rubric: Biography Report
built by lmotefwa

Rubric Code: UX92W65
This rubric evaluates the student's ability to research beyond surface information. The students were asked to research a person who was present at the Constitutional Convention during the ratification of the Constitution. They were then asked to create a visuall presentation via power rpoint which includes key details and newly discovered information about the subject's public service and personal life which will accompany their oral presentation on this subject
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Keywords: biography,constitutional founders, written work, oral presentation
Categories: Subjects: English   Foreign Languages   History   (General)  
Types: Project   Presentation  
Grade Levels: 9-12, Undergraduate

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  Level 4
20 pts
Level 3
15 pts
Level 2
10 pts
Level 1
5 pts
Final Presentation of report
Level 4

Student went above and beyond what was expected. Creativity and attention to detail were excellent! All fonts and styles are consistent throughout the presentation.
Level 3

Student put a good amount of effort into the project, displaying their work in a creative way. All fonts and styles are consistent throughout the presentation.
Level 2

Student put some effort into the project, but could have spent more time on details and creativity. Inconsistent fonts and styles.
Level 1

Student had a tough time with this project-writing the report and designing the stamp.
Written Responses
Level 4

The student wrote a paragraph with detail and summarized the biography in clear form. The student went beyond surface information to delve into the historical, geographic, religious, economic and personal life of the subject. The student wrote complete sentences with great detail. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are near perfect. 18+ sentences.
Level 3

The student wrote a paragraph with little summarization details. He/she did write response sentences to the questions but needed more detail. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are near perfect. 15-18 sentences.
Level 2

The student wrote incomplete sentences and the editing features were not observed. 10-14 sentences for the report. Provided commonly known information about the subject rather than dig deeper to find additional information about the subject and his/her area of influence.
Level 1

Inaccurate information and incomplete sentences were provided with no editing. 1-10 sentences for the report.
Level 4

Student included visuals needed to enhance presentation including pictures, drawings, artwork, letters or anything visual representation of the subject and their influence in the formation of US government. Student followed directions when making size and font changes.
Level 3

Student included a few pictures and slide presentation was good, perhaps could be more cohesive in the progression of thought and ideas about the subject. Above average organization, but had lapses in consistency.
Level 2

Student included few pictures and slide presentation was disorganized and did not progress well.
Material provided did not offer substantive information.
Level 1

no pictures were included in presentation.
Used minimal photos or other visual representations. Information provided seemed lacking in basic knowledge and understanding of the subject.
Oral Presentation
Level 4

Student showed understanding of the subject and their historical significance and was a dynamic presenter, making eye-contact to his/her classmates.<BR>
Superior presenter!
Level 3

Student demonstrated understanding of the reading, and presented to the class in an effective manner.
Level 2

Student demonstrated their understanding in an effective manner, but had trouble presenting to the class.
Level 1

Student demonstrated some understanding of the reading, but had some trouble displaying their knowledge to the class. Stumbled over report.

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