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iRubric: Digital  Story Video rubric

iRubric: Digital Story Video rubric

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Digital Story Video 
Students will present their video to the class. Be selective and creative with the images, and soundtrack. Only use images and sound--do not use words or captions.
Rubric Code: RX7X2A9
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Subject: Education  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

Powered by iRubric Digital Photo Story Video Contest
Students will use this rubric to evaluate their own projects. I will also use this rubric to evaluate each project entered.
  Level 1

0 pts

Level 2

1 pts

Level 3

3 pts

Level 4

5 pts

Story/Instruction Structure

Do the images selected tell a story?

Level 1

No structure exists
Level 2

Missing one or more of the following: beginning,middle, and end
Level 3

Has a recognizable beginning, middle, and end
Level 4

Has a beginning that grabs the viewer, a body that moves the story to a satisfying conclusion.
Individual Photo Quality

Are all the images used appropriate for the story and pleasing to view?

Level 1

Choice of images show no consideration for the viewer
Level 2

4 or fewer of the images are pleasing to the viewer and/or necessary to tell the story or explain the process (in terms of photo quality and importance)
Level 3

A minimum of 5 of the images used are pleasing to the viewer and necessary to tell the story or explain the process (in terms of talking photo quality and importance)
Level 4

All seven of the photos are of high quality and are necessary to the story line.
Flow of Photos

Do the photos flow smoothly from one to the next?

Level 1

Flow of photos is difficult for viewer to follow (too fast, too slow, choppy, etc.)
Level 2

4 or fewer photos flow too quickly, too slowly, begin or end in unimportant parts of the photo, etc.
Level 3

5 or more of the photos flow together in a way that is pleasing to the viewer (overall look of video shows care went into its creation).
Level 4

All of the photos flow smoothly from one to the next resulting in a product that creates a desire for a second or third viewing
Soundtrack - IF included

Does the music enhance the viewing pleasure?

Level 1

Music choice, if it exists, causes the viewer to want to turn the video off (it's too loud, inappropriate to the mood, etc.)
Level 2

The viewer notices the music choice and/or the volume because one or the other distracts from the story.
Level 3

The music choice is appropriate to the story and the volume is low enough to hear but not distract from the narration.
Level 4

The music choice and volume work together to enhance the viewing of the video.
Statement of connections

Does the student clearly make a connection to the theme?

Level 1

No connections to the theme.
Level 2

A superficial connection to the theme.
Level 3

A meaningful connection was made, but was not fully developed.
Level 4

A meaningful societal connection and/or a meaningful personal connection to the theme was made and fully developed by the learner.

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