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iRubric: Diorama Rubric

iRubric: Diorama Rubric

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Diorama Rubric 
• DIORAMA(50 points) : Think back to the route you had to travel to deliver your goods at the zoo and create a diorama of the route. A diorama is a miniature scene in a box. It should include the geography of the route, the modes of transportation for each stage of travel, and the goods transported.
Rubric Code: L239895
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Subject: Geography  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Exceeds Expectation

5 pts

Meets Expectation

4 pts

In Progress

3 pts

With Support

2 pts

Below Expectation

1 pts

Appearance of Project and Creativity

Exceeds Expectation

The project's appearance is
professional and polished without
distractive elements.

Project is excellently presented reflecting creativity and a lot of
Meets Expectation

The project's appearance is quite
professional and polished with few distracting elements.

Good creative effort. Project is neat and shows evidence of
time spent on it.
In Progress

Project is neat and the elements present are clear, however some elements are missing.

Some creative effort is apparent.
With Support

The project's appearance is somewhat poor. Some distracting

Some attempt made to add color and originality. Project is neat.
Below Expectation

The project's appearance is quite
poor. Many distractive elements.

Little attempt to add color or originality. Project has sloppy

Exceeds Expectation

The project content is
exemplary and the student has modeled the important ideas of the scene presented.
Meets Expectation

The project content is good and models the main ideas of the scene clearly and accurately.
In Progress

The project content is good and the student has modeled most of the important of the main ideas of the scene presented.
With Support

The project content is fair/poor and the student has not
modeled most of the important ideas from the scene.
Below Expectation

The project content is poor and does not represent the scene at the zoo.
Images and Models

Exceeds Expectation

All images or models are clear, creative, and well developed.
Meets Expectation

All images or models are effective.
In Progress

Most images or models are effective and there appear to be too few or too many.
With Support

Images or models are not well developed and require some explanation.
Below Expectation

Too few images or models are used to be an effective

Exceeds Expectation

Project demonstrated student's own interpretation and expression of research material. Used pictures, images, or other visual
aids to display information in multiple ways.
Meets Expectation

Used student-created materials as well as existing material from other sources. Student
devised a creative way to design or deliver the project.
In Progress

Some elements and materials were student-created and the scene is engaging and interesting to look at, but could be better.
With Support

Information was factual but showed little student
interpretation. Student added one or more original ideas.
Below Expectation

Project was designed lacking in creativity and included no items that were created or made by the student.

  • Diorama, play, scene, paper, explanation


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