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iRubric: Group Presentation 10% rubric

iRubric: Group Presentation 10% rubric

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Group Presentation 10% 
The Presentation Team must present their research, as a group to the class. Each member of the group must speak. You will earn a grade that reflects the accuracy and detail of your research, and the quality of the presentation of your findings. Each student on the group will earn a group collaboration grade. The group collaboration grade will be based on how effectively you perform your role as a member of the group.
Rubric Code: HX6A3BX
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Subject: Communication  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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3 pts


2 pts

Minimal Achievement

1 pts

Subject Knowledge
40 %


Specific, supportive, and sufficiently developed detail, demonstrates a thorough understanding of the various elements and their connection to the topic of study, answers all questions with some elaboration, fully meets expectations

Limited, and partially developed detail, demonstrates partial understanding of the various terms and/or their connection to the topic of study, appears uncomfortable with information, answers only most basic questions
Minimal Achievement

Underdeveloped, vague, confusing detail, demonstrates an inadequate understanding of the various terms and/or their connection to the topic of study, demonstrates little understanding of subject, cannot answer questions about subject
30 %


Enthusiastic tone, appropriate volume, and speed of delivery are maintained. Every team member demonstrates proficient commitment to extemporaneous delivery of the presentation. There is evidence of practice and some consistency in presentation flow.

Tone, volume, speed are inconsistent. More practice is in order. There is little flow to the overall presentation.
Minimal Achievement

Tone, volume, speed are poor, the entire presentation is delivered with lack of attention to professionalism and flow.
Transitions | Functioning as a team
15 %


Proficient transitions between speakers. Sometimes we are unsure as to the person speaking.

Partially developed transitions. Most of the time we are wondering who the speaker is.
Minimal Achievement

No speaker introductions/transitions employed
Audio | Visual
15 %


Audio-visual elements of presentation are proficient, graphics are relevant and demonstrate a fairly complete understanding of subject, excellent graphics consistent with text, creativity is evident

Basic level of achievement with regard to audio-visual elements, graphics relevant but somewhat inappropriate/basic, demonstrate satisfactory understanding of subject, graphics somewhat consistent with text
Minimal Achievement

Minimal level of achievement with regard to audio-visual elements, graphics demonstrate lack of understanding/professionalism, graphics inconsistent with text

  • Unit Guide | Presentation Team Evaluation

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