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iRubric: Speaking & Reading Rubric

iRubric: Speaking & Reading Rubric

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Speaking & Reading Rubric 
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Rubric Code: G233935
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Subject: English  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Beginner, "Poor"

2 pts

Elemntary, "Fair"

3 pts

Intermediate, "Good"

4 pts

Advanced, "Excellent"

5 pts


Beginner, "Poor"

Student's pronunciation made understanding difficult.
Elemntary, "Fair"

Student's pronunciation was understandable with some errors.
Intermediate, "Good"

Student's pronunciation was easy to understand with few errors.
Advanced, "Excellent"

Student's pronunciation was like a native English speaker.

Beginner, "Poor"

The speech was difficult to follow due to the lack of flow in the speech. Too many very long pauses caused for the listener to have a lack in comprehension ability.
Elemntary, "Fair"

Student communicated some main points fluently but there were 4+ times where the student paused and had difficulty resuming their speech..
Intermediate, "Good"

Student communicated clearly but there were 2+ times when the student paused. Student used some filler words like umm.. and.. uugh.
Advanced, "Excellent"

Students were able to communicate clearly with no difficulty. Student did not have long pauses when speaking. Used little to no fillers like um.. and.. uhh to.
Body Language/Eye Contact

Beginner, "Poor"

Student read most of the presentation. Student rarely looked up at the audience. Poor body posture while presenting
Elemntary, "Fair"

Student read some of the presentation and made eye contact sometimes. Student is learning to engage the audience. Body posture is more upright - with laptop not covering face
Intermediate, "Good"

Student made eye contact much of the time. Student engaged the audience very well. Good body posture and composure
Advanced, "Excellent"

Student made excellent eye contact with audience. Student completely engaged audience. Excellent body posture and composure through entire passage

Beginner, "Poor"

Large sections of the speech were difficult to comprehend due to the speech not being loud enough. Beginning tempo
Elemntary, "Fair"

Sometimes it was difficult to hear the speech from the back of the room. There were entire parts of the speech that were not understood. Developing how to use correct tempo
Intermediate, "Good"

Speech was loud enough but didn't stay loud. There were times where the student lost confidence and their voice lowered. Advanced use of balanced tempo
Advanced, "Excellent"

Speech was communicated with confidence. Student used a clear "teacher voice". Speech could clearly be heard from the back of the room. Excellent use of tempo, kept audience engaged

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