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iRubric: Student Performance Self-Assessment rubric

iRubric: Student Performance Self-Assessment rubric

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Student Performance Self-Assessment

  Derived from rubric: Student Performance Self-Assessment
built by sjenkins13

Rubric Code: A464A7
This is a rubric that helps a student assess him/herself in terms of classwork, homework, being prepared for class, and effort and behavior in class
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Categories: Subjects: English   Foreign Languages   Math   Social Sciences  
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Powered by iRubric Student Performance
This is your assessment of your performance on this activity.
(N/A) I Rocked this assignment
(N/A) I was there and I did it.
Needs Improvement
(N/A) I was barely there and when I was there, I didn't do very much.
Did you come to class ready to learn? Did you come to class?

Brought all needed materials to class.
Arrived to class on time
Completed homework assignment

Brought materials to class most days. Maybe forgot 1 item.
Arrived on time
Completed homework assignments. May have used some class time to finish.
Needs Improvement

Forgot materials more than once.
Arrived at class late
Did not complete homework assignment
Did you complete your work? Does it meet the requirements? Is your work ready when you come into the classroom?

I completed my CW and HW on time and accurately. If I had questions on I asked Ms J in a timely fashion. I work at home on class material even when not asked to do so.

I completed my CW and HW but may not have met all the criteria. I have hand in work late a couple of times and have forgotten to do my homework and corrections.
Needs Improvement

I did not complete my CW and HW as directed. I often forget my homework and never do corrections.
How did you work with others? Did you give 100%?

I was on task nearly all of the time.
I gave 100% in effort and tried my hardest.
I worked well with other students.
Ms J did not have to talk to me at all about my behavior.

I was off-task occasionally
I put forth strong effort and worked fairly hard.
I worked well with other students.
The teacher had to talk to me about my behavior once.
Needs Improvement

I was off-task a lot
I didn't try very hard.
I didn't work well with other students.
The teacher had to talk to me about my behavior more than once in this class.

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