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iRubric: Book Presentation rubric

iRubric: Book Presentation rubric

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Book Presentation 
Students will read a book of their choice and present it to the class. Students will develop a 3-5 minute presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides only.
Rubric Code: A222ABW
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Subject: English  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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Student did an excellent job on his/her presentation.

25 pts


Student did an okay job on their presentation, with lots of room for improvement.

20 pts


Student did a very poor job on their presentation, putting forth little to no effort.

15 pts

Needs to Redo

0 pts

Knowledge of Content

Students shows understanding of book


Student is able to present information about the novel accurately, showing full understanding of the book. Student is also able to answer all questions from the teacher.

Student is able to present some information about the book, showing some understanding of the book. Student is also able to answer some questions from the teacher.

Student is unable to present much information about the topic, showing little understanding of the book. Student is also able to answer only a few questions from the teacher.
Needs to Redo

Student is unable to present any information topic, showing no understanding of their book. Student is also unable to answer any questions from the teacher.

Student shows a presentation to the class


Presentation has detail and is organized in a manner that makes it easy to understand. Presenter uses eye contact and speaks clearly to the class. Presenter is enthusiastic about the book they are presenting.

Presentation is organized and has some detail. Presenter has a clear speaking voice. Presenter is somewhat enthusiastic about their book.

Student needs to speak more clearly; so the class can understand. Student needs more detail in their presentation.
Needs to Redo

The student did not develop a presentation.

The student is ready to give their presentation on the due date, and followed all of the directions for the project.


The student is well-prepared to give his/her presentation, and it is obvious that the student worked hard on presenting clear and visually appealing slides. The student also followed the project directions, providing reading logs.

The student is somewhat prepared to give his/her presentation, and it is appears that the student could have used more time to develop the slides. The student followed the directions somewhat, providing at least 1 reading log.

The student is not prepared; it is obvious that the student did not put much effort into making the slides visually appealing. The directions were not followed completely, and/or a reading log is missing.
Needs to Redo

The student did not develop the slides and/or complete the project.
Spelling, Grammar

The student will present their book using complete sentences and proper spelling and grammar.


The slides presentation is nearly flawless, with fewer than 3 errors overall.

The slides presentation contains 5 to 7 minor errors in grammar, mechanics, and/or spelling.

The slides presentation contains more than 10 errors in grammar, mechanics, and/or spelling. It is obvious the student rushed in completing the work.
Needs to Redo

Either the student's, slides were not completed, and/or there are multiple errors in grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

  • Oral, presentation, book report, non fiction

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