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What is voices?
Voices is a new section for you to post your opinions, concerns, and complements about anything and everything related to education.

Voices serves different purposes. It helps promote the much needed communication among educators, students, and school officials. The communication that is usually lost in our busy day-to-day classroom environment. It also allows us to express ourselves and voice our concerns, as well as to learn from others' experiences, achievements and struggles in the ever-changing and highly competitive academic world.

How does it work?
1. Write an article about any education-related topic

2. Email your article(s) to

3. All approved articles will be published here. Other members may discuss, review, and rank your article(s)

Sample Topics:
  • The teacher who made a difference
  • Fair grading is possible
  • Our sports teams rock
  • Work and School
  • School library hours
  • Unforgettable Graduation Ceremony
  • Cannot afford textbooks
  • Looking for Parking?
  • A Semester is too long and a Quarter too short
  • Cheaters lowered my grade by raising the curve

New Articles
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La Planificación y los recursos para diferentes contextos de enseñanza y aprendizaje.

How to Submit an Article
Email your articles in plain text format to

Please remember
rule Articles must be education related
rule No size limit
rule Sign your name as you wish (e.g. Anonymous, JS from CA, John Smith, Happy Student)
rule No name references to anyone or any entities
rule Refrain from vulgarity and offensive content
rule Articles will be made public
rule Others may review, discuss, and rank articles
rule We reserve the rights to all submitted articles. We may modify and publish in any format, or remove articles from the list at any time

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