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Choice of Major in a Student life

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The Choice of Major in a Student life is as important as choosing a good life partner. For you ought to live with it and earn  by it. A Major subject should not be thrust upon a student just because his or her peers have done well in their lives because of their choice of this Major. One great Doctor once remarked at his final year class of 20 students in this way, " all but just 1 will qualify to be worthy doctors". On a different note, a student should never make his or her choice based on their passion. Today you may be passionate about being a hostess, tomorrow, given the wear and tear of one's body, the same profession would become loathsome. On the other hand, one has to make intelligent choices based on one's inner qualities. If you are firm and muscular and you love outdoors to indoors and you are given a choice between opting for a Geology major or an Accounts, you ought to choose, Geology. If you choose, Accounts, then you will have to be confined in your seat for the rest of your life with time slowly eating you away. More so, given your configuration, you wont last to retirement. Next, comes the putting in quality time in your study. If you want to be something in life, your success directly depends on the amount of time you put to specialize and learn new skill sets in your study. If you don't do that then instead of earning a living with your brains, you will have to earn your living with your back. Remember, hard work is back breaking. So as young people, you must make wise decision, as the old saying goes, you work now to play later, but if you play now you will have to work even much harder later. And remember, it is not always easy to find a gainful employment when you are old and without proper qualification.

by: John Moses      

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