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While you are young try to learn as many things as possible. Have this habit of learning at least one skill professionally. You must be able to do this like no other in your neighborhood. When you are attempting to learn a new skill, put your soul into it and learn it with all you are made up off.

I was told when the Jews came to America because of oppression in Europe, all they knew were sewing and baking.  And having landed in a new continent they did not just look for jobs. Those who were good tailors just went out and bought discarded clothe materials and made them into new fashions and sold. And those who were bakers, kneaded the dough and produced pastries of unique flavor and design. They were all an instant hit. Soon they became Textile giants and International Brand owners.

The point that I am making here is, no matter how humble the skill may be or meek you might consider it, if you are the specialist with some creative talents, then surely you will make it big.

Student days are Heaven given. Once you mess up, you wont' get it back. So invest in your time well and start doing things.

by: John Moses      

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