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Pre- reading artifact 2





May 30, 2008
This artifact was completed by April 25, 2008. I completed this artifact in Ms. Cichy’s class before we read chapter 13 of Journey of the Sparrows. Ms. Cichy gave us this vocabulary words that are in the chapter that we were about to read. She gave us the definition and asks us to put what those words mean in our language. I try to translate the words to my language but it was confusing. It applies to my pre- reading strategy because I have to predict why those words would be in the chapter or if it could give me a clue about the theme of the chapter. I think it’s important to learn that this vocabulary words can help you to predict what is what are you reading about.
 This artifact is important because it shows my ability to predict base on small thing like the meaning of some words. I think that I still need to work in my vocabulary and also in my capacity of prediction. When I look to those words I had to read twice to see if the translation that I did was good. For example the meaning of whimpered and sobbed translated to the Spanish is almost the same and it confused me a little so I check it in a dictionary. It’s hard to translate some words because some of them have different meaning.
I put 90% effort in this artifact. I answered translate all the words to my language and made the sentences knowing what the words mean. I still thinking that I could do a better job because I don’t think my sentences are good enough. I really need to work in my vocabulary and improve it.

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