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During-Reading Artifact


During-reading Artifact




This artifact was completed by February 28, 2008. I completed this in Ms. Cichys’s class when I was reading chapter 3 of Journey Of The Sparrow .Ms Cichy gave us this focus questions to look for the details since we where reading. This is a during reading stragedy because we did this questions when we were reading to see if we understand what we were reading and if we could answer this question since we read. Do question really help me to see if I understood or not what I read and if I had to re-read the page to understand better the book.


This artifact is important because it shows how well your comprehension is when you are reading. I think I was well doing this because I almost answer the entire question but, when I share my answers with my partners I just get a few ones right. For example when she ask: “what do you learn for sure from the last sentence in the chapter?”. I put “I learn that when people die they go to the heaven and become a start that always will protect us.” But, when we share the answer with my classmate I realize that the right answer was that Maria’s father is dead.


            I put 70% percent effort into this artifact. I think that now I could do this so much better because I was not really concentrate in this when I was doing it. Know I can understand how important could be this stragedy in my academic life because it can help me to get a better comprehension during my future readings.

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