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Pre-reading Artifact1,4




This artifact was completed on January 23, 2008. I completed this in Ms. Cichy’s class before we read Journey of the Sparrow. Ms. Cichy gave us this vocabulary homework from the first chapter because she wants to make us understand easier what we were going to reading and also to make us think about the relation between the words and the book to make a prediction about what it was about. Prediction is a pre-reading strategy that helps to imagined what is the reading about and make us understand when we start to read.


This artifact is really important because it shows that I have to dedicate more time to look new words for my vocabulary. I get to this conclusion when I try to guess what the meanings of the words were; I just get right in a couple of the words and had problems with most of them. For example I didn’t even could guess what “parakeets” was in my language, so I use the dictionary.


I put more than 80% of effort into this artifact. I corroborate all the words with a dictionary because I really want to get all the words right because I want to be able to understand those when I read. But I think that if I keep looking for new words I’ll have a better vocabulary and keep improving my English.




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