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After-Reading Artifact

After-reading artifact


            This artifact was completed by February 26, 2008. Ms. Cichy gave this to us as homework and it was completed by the next class. I do this artifact for chapter 3 of Journey of the Sparrow it was summary that we just read. We read this chapter as homework and discuss about the vocabulary during the class to make easier to understand the chapter. Ms. Cichy asked us to complete these questions at home using the summaries stragedy.


            This artifact is important because it shows if we understand the reading or not. I was able to answer the questions because I read the chapter before answer it so I think that it was a good job. I re-read the chapter to corroborate the answers with the book but I had a couple answers wrong. For example I thought “Maria was the only in her family that knows how to read and write” but the right answer was that “Maria was the only one who speak a little English”.


            I put 80% effort into this artifact. I answer the question when I was watching TV so I wasn’t really concentrated when I did my homework. I think that know I will do a better job doing this type of stragedy and try to improve my reading doing a better summary the next time.

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