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iRubric: Writing: Short Story rubric

iRubric: Writing: Short Story rubric

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Writing: Short Story

  Derived from rubric: Writing: Short Story
built by ncsnehemiah

Rubric Code: G3W787
Self-contained gifted class of 4 & 5 grade students create short story.
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Keywords: Creative Writing
Categories: Subjects: English  
Types: Writing  
Grade Levels: K-5

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5 pts
Very Good
4 pts
Grade Level
3 pts
Needs Work
2 pts
Area of Concern
1 pts

The character is extremely well defined through direct and indirect methods. The character is realistic and consisent.
Very Good

The character is well defined through direct and indirect methods. The character is realistic and consistent.
Grade Level

The character is adequately developed but needs more work.
Needs Work

There is minimal character development.
Area of Concern

There is no character development.

Very original and creative. The storyline is extremely well developed and thorough. A clear conflict is explored.
Very Good

The story is very developed and thorough. There is a clear conflict.
Grade Level

The story is somewhat developed. Not particularly original.
Needs Work

The story is minimally developed.
Area of Concern

The story is undeveloped. Poor effort.

Use of setting is clear, consistant and vividly described.
Very Good

Use of setting is mostly clear. Description is good.
Grade Level

Use of setting is somewhat clear. Description is fair.
Needs Work

Use of setting is unclear, it is difficult for the reader to identify setting in the story. Little description.
Area of Concern

No use of setting is present in the short story. Description non-existent.

No spelling or grammar errors.
Very Good

2 spelling or grammar errors
Grade Level

3 spelling or grammar errors
Needs Work

4-5 spelling or grammar errors
Area of Concern

Too many errors.
Point of View

Point of view is clear and highly appropriate to the story.
Very Good

Point of view is clear.
Grade Level

Point of view is unclear at times or not the best for the story.
Needs Work

Point of view is unclear most of the time.
Area of Concern

Point of view is not clear. Reader is unable to identify point of view at all.
Writing Style

Writing style is of the highest standard in terms of vocabularly, description, use of imagery, dialogue, and sequencing.
Very Good

Writing is strong with improvement in one of these areas necessary.
Grade Level

Writing is grade level with 2-3 improvements required.
Needs Work

Writing is adequate with several improvements required.
Area of Concern

Writing style is poor.

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