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iRubric: Physics and Art Project rubric

iRubric: Physics and Art Project rubric

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Physics and Art Project 
Physics and Art intersect to evaluate student understanding of physic principles of mixing pigments in a visual arts format that also shares student understanding of pigments in composition.
Rubric Code: E226522
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Subject: Physics  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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Points: 10


Fully Meeting

Points: 9


Minimally Meeting

Points: 8


Minimally Meeting

Points: 7


Not Yet Meeting

Points: 6


Group Documentation
20 pts

Documentation should be done to provide a synopsis of process and be accompanied by an image.


The documentation is very complete. It shows every stage of the artwork. This is an excellent documentation of the students process and gives the teacher a whole picture of the end result.
Fully Meeting

The documentation was completed on time. The student posted both a written statement and an image. The written work did not say to why students made changes or additions to their project. But it is a good record.
Minimally Meeting

The documentation was created but only images were posted had very few written entries about process.
Minimally Meeting

The documentation has very little written about the process of the project. It is not a very good documentation of the project that was assigned.
Not Yet Meeting

Student did not do much documentation at all. The archive is spotty with big gaps of time missing.
Or the student did not document at all.
20 pts

Artwork must incorporate at least two principles of light and color that you have studied in physics class. The principles that you use will depend upon your tools, the way(s) in which you express light and pigment color, and the specific plan that you develop for your project.


The art piece must have at least two principles of light and color. The work reflects attention to this detail, that each mark was carefully planned and executed. The student went above and beyond what was required to ensure a product that included this variable.
Fully Meeting

Students art piece has at only one of the principles of light and color. The work reflects attention to this detail, that each mark was planned and executed.
Minimally Meeting

Students art piece does not have any of the principles of light and color. The work reflects lack of attention to this detail. Each mark was not carefully planned and executed.
Minimally Meeting
Not Yet Meeting
Project Plan
10 pts

Before your artwork is created, you must have a plan:
a. What types of colors will you incorporate and how will your painting express these?
b. How will your painting express light and color?


Project Plan is thoughtfully created. It includes both a design of the final product, execution of that design, and also how the students predict how the marks will be created by their tools. It includes both parts a. and b. in the criteria.
Fully Meeting

Project Plan is not thoughtfully created. It has some of the project objectives but says little about how the groups plans to execute their design. There plan does not reflect any hazards that may impede their process.
Minimally Meeting

There is little planning that the group has done. There is no evidence that they have a clear design to their project or how they expect the principles of motion to interact with their canvas.
Minimally Meeting
Not Yet Meeting

  • Non-Objective Art


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