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iRubric: reading aloud rubric

iRubric: reading aloud rubric

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reading aloud built by ceagling

Rubric Code: CC597
verbal answers
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Categories: Subjects: English  
Types: Reading  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  needs more work
making progress
almost there
needs more work

Decoding presents great difficulty and uses little or no expression.
making progress

There is hesitancy in decoding, but the student self-corrects with assistance. Expression lacks vitality.
almost there

Mistakes in decoding are only occasional and the student self- corrects without help. Reading is clear, and adequately expressive.

The student decodes accurately and quickly and reads entertainingly with well-judged expressiveness.
needs more work

Comprehension of the text is very limited. The student has difficulty identifying the main idea.
making progress

The student understands the main idea, but needs help grasping details and using context clues.
almost there

The student comprehends the majority of the text, but misses some inferences.

The student demonstrates a full and sophisticated grasp of the text, including inferences.
making connections
needs more work

The student cannot make connections to his/her own experience or to other texts, movies etc. He/she cannot draw conclusions from the text.
making progress

With help, the student can make connections to his/her own experience or to other texts, movies etc. He/she can draw conclusions with help.
almost there

The student can make adequate connections to his/ her own experience or to other texts, movies etc. He/she can draw reasonable conclusions from the text.

The student can make imaginative connections across a wide frame of reference. He/she can draw nuanced conclusions from the text.

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