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iRubric: Daily Behavior/Participation Grading Rubric

iRubric: Daily Behavior/Participation Grading Rubric

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Daily Behavior/Participation Grading Rubric 
A student can earn from 0-10 points per class, based on his/her behavior during class. A student's Daily Participation/Behavior Grade is contingent upon how the student chooses to contribute to in-class lectures, discussions, and the overall classroom environment. This daily grade was engineered to ensure that each student is receiving the most out of his/her time in English, while also enabling parents/guardians to remain informed of their student's behavior in the classroom.
Rubric Code: Z24695B
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Subject: English  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  0.5 points

0.5 pts

1.5 points

1.5 pts

2.5 points

2.5 pts

Respects Others

0.5 points

Does not show respect for others.
1.5 points

Shows respect most of the time.
2.5 points

Demonstrates respect to oneself and others in learning environment.
Does Not Disrupt

0.5 points

Interrupts others 3 or more times in a class period. Disrupts learning environment.
1.5 points

Interrupts others 1-2 times in a class period (asking your neighbor for help does not count as a disruption of others- as long as it is not during instruction).
2.5 points

Does not disrupt others during the class period.
Completes Assigned Work/Tasks

0.5 points

Rarely or never completes tasks or projects assigned.
1.5 points

Attempts to complete assignments to the best of ability.
2.5 points

Remains on task and completes assignments within the period.
Participation (listens & answers)

0.5 points

Does not participate or contribute in class.
1.5 points

Participates or contributes some of the time.
2.5 points

Participates and contributes in class.

  • behavior, participation, english

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