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iRubric: Classwork and Class Participation Rubric Student ed.

iRubric: Classwork and Class Participation Rubric Student ed.

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Classwork and Class Participation Rubric Student ed. 
This rubric will be used to evaluate how a student works and participates during activities.
Rubric Code: Y246BBX
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Subject: Foreign Languages  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Poor 0.5


Fair 1


Good 1.5


Outstanding 2



Poor 0.5

not paying attention to the reading at all.
Fair 1

Bare minimum amount of work. Single word answers
Good 1.5

mostly on-task and worked productively.

attempts to answer questions in a well thought out manner.
Outstanding 2

on-task and worked productively.

helps other students.
Level of Engagement

Poor 0.5

did not contribute to class talks.

was obviously focused on something else the entire time.
Fair 1

contributed to activity minimally.

some engagement.

does not try to find answers, gives up.
Good 1.5

proactively contributed to activity by offering ideas and asking/answering questions one to two times.

volunteers information.
Outstanding 2

-proactively contributed to activity by offering ideas and asking/answering questions more than twice.

volunteers without having to be reminded.

encourages others to participate.
Listening Skills

Poor 0.5

did not listen while other students were talking.
Fair 1

student often did not listen when others talked.
Good 1.5

student listened when others talked.

tried to respond appropriately.
Outstanding 2

student was actively listening when others talked.

made responses appropriately.

Poor 0.5

was disrespectful during the reading and activities
Fair 1

student occasionally showed responsibility and respect.
Good 1.5

student mostly showed responsibility and respect and rarely displayed disruptive behavior during activity.
Outstanding 2

student showed responsibility and respect and did not display disruptive behavior during activity.
Following Directions

Poor 0.5

student needed constant reminders (more than 5 reminders) to stay on task
Fair 1

student needs more than 3 less than 6 reminders.

constantly stops class to ask for directions.
Good 1.5

student needs 3 reminders.

finds instructions, asks other group members or classmates for help first to find directions.
Outstanding 2

student follows direction with 2 to no reminders.

looks at smartboard, on worksheet, on lab for directions.

helps other students who are lost in their groups find and follow directions.

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