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iRubric: written assignment rubric

iRubric: written assignment rubric

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written assignment 
Ethical Issues in Nursing Administration
Rubric Code: X2X4975
Ready to use
Public Rubric
Subject: Nursing  
Type: Writing  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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Contributes to the online discussion, using the weeks readings, outside observations, and personal experince.

90-100 Points



89-80 Points

0 pts


79-70 Points

3 pts

Omitted Information

69-0 Points

2 pts

Point Value Earned


Quality of Feedback& Originality
30 pts

Initial post


Post demonstrates evaluation of topic through exploration of the literature and evidences critical evaluation of the selected topic that is substantiated by evidence based literature from a current professional journal and accurate information from a professional website.

Posting demonstrates value to the discussion and understanding of the selected topic that is supported by information within 5 years of evidenced based journal and accurate information from a professional website

Posting demonstrates understanding of the reading assignment but is not substantiated by examples from the textbook and evidenced based references.
Omitted Information

Posting demonstrates very little understanding of the reading assignment. Major concepts omitted.
Point Value Earned

Response Quality
1 pts

Built on Evidenced Based Research and Practices

Possible Points:


Actively engaged in the discussion forums with at least two (2) postings of other students in a manner that demonstrates substantive analysis and/or evaluation.

Actively engaged in the discussion forum with at least two (2) postings of other students where one (1) of the postings demonstrates substantive analysis and/or evaluation while second demonstrates constructive analysis but is not of the same quality as required for an excellent rating.

Makes at least two (2) responses but responses fail to constructively
demonstrate analysis or are inadequate.
Omitted Information

Less than acceptable responses

Does not respond or responses are not related to the topic
Point Value Earned

Contributes to Learning Community
25 pts


Posting is insightful, thorough and interesting.
Relevant connection to topic and adds value to exchanged
Referenced and evidenced based.

Posting is thorough and interesting.
Opinions and ideas require more development: connect to topic with minimal value.
Referenced and evidenced based

Posting is interesting but lacks insight and depth.
Concise not well developed
Omitted Information

Opinions are not clear and not well developed or referenced.
Point Value Earned

Frequency and Regularity of Contribution
15 pts

Possible Points


Meaningful feedback is provided on other's ideas 'Constructive and supportive.
Additional resources offered to support discussion topic

Meaningful feedback is provided on other's ideas. Effort made to keep the discussion flowing demonstrated.

Contributes less than assigned criteria. Feedback is adequate on other's ideas.
Omitted Information

Replies to others but with no specific feedback. Repetiiton of points made by others.
Did not add value to discussion
Point Value Earned

References in APA format
10 pts


References submitted in APA format Posting is polished generally free of errors in mechanics, spelling, usage and sentence structure.

Posting is polished but may contain minor errors in APA format for original post.

Posting is adequate but may contain some errors in mechanics, spelling, usage and sentence structure but errors do not interfere with understanding.
Did not follow APA format
Omitted Information

APA format not observed
Point Value Earned

Total Points

  • Ethical Issues

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