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iRubric: Writing Prompts Rubric

iRubric: Writing Prompts Rubric

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Writing Prompts Rubric 
Students will use this rubric for their daily in class writing prompts.
Rubric Code: V246AX7
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Subject: Social Sciences  
Type: Writing  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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Graded on the Standard of the writing
  Excellent (100%)

10 pts

Good (90%-80%)

8 pts

Average (70%)

6 pts

Lacking proficiency (65%

4 pts

Below Minimum Standard (64-50%%)

2 pts


Excellent (100%)

- No spelling errors
- There are no distracting mechanical errors
-There are no distracting grammatical errors
-Obvious evidence of editing
-Uses terminology or correct comprehension of framing
Good (90%-80%)

4 of the items in the Excellent category are true.
Average (70%)

3 of the items in the Excellent category are true.
Lacking proficiency (65%

2 of the items in the Excellent category are true.
Below Minimum Standard (64-50%%)

1 of the items in the Excellent category is true.
Higher Order Thinking

Excellent (100%)

- Responses show the student has put a great deal of thought into what he/she writes
- The ideas are complex and show thinking that is exploratory into sheathing
Good (90%-80%)

- Entries are good and show the writer is thinking deeply about framing and attempting to push toward more advanced ways of approaching the prompt
Average (70%)

- Student has a complete entry, but may not be pushing his/her ideas toward original ways of looking at sheathing
Lacking proficiency (65%

- Entry feels rushed and lacks much depth of thought
- Student needs to put more effort into pushing his/her ideas to a deeper level
Below Minimum Standard (64-50%%)

- Entry is simplistic and is a surface-level interpretation of the topic
-Off prompt

Excellent (100%)

The students shows deep insight into answers about the environment or the subject matter
Good (90%-80%)

The student offers solid solutions but does not elaborate to a high level
Average (70%)

Little insight was used, but some solutions were thought of
Lacking proficiency (65%

The student did not answer the question correctly
Below Minimum Standard (64-50%%)

The student missed the question, but tried

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