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iRubric: A manual for gardening with Permaculture rubric

iRubric: A manual for gardening with Permaculture rubric

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A manual for gardening with Permaculture 
This is a rubric for grading a Tech Manual and a summary of the main principles from the permaculture world.
Rubric Code: T248X23
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Subject: Education  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8, Undergraduate

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  Basic Level

1 pts

intermediate Level

2 pts

Advance Level

3 pts


Basic Level

Layout is confusing; written communication is limited.

Layout is very noticeably off.
intermediate Level

Layout is haphazard;
written communication is functional but not fully developed.

Layout is noticeably off.
Advance Level

Layout is organized; written communication is effective.

Layout is very close to correct.

Basic Level

Text fonts and sizes make it difficult to read; distracting and unattractive formatting with poor spacing choices.
intermediate Level

Text fonts and sizes may cause distraction; unattractive formatting with inconsistent spacing.
Advance Level

Text fonts and sizes are readable; attractive formatting with appropriate spacing.

Basic Level

Manual contains very few, if any, details and is not very interesting to read or contains far too much detail and is difficult to read.
intermediate Level

Manual contains inappropriate amount of detail or incorrect prioritization from the research and is marginally interesting to read.
Advance Level

Manual contains appropriate level of detail from the research with mostly correct prioritization and is interesting to read.

Basic Level

More than 5 errors are noted.
intermediate Level

No more than 5 errors are evident after proofreading.
Advance Level

No more than 2 errors are evident after proofreading.

Basic Level

Graphics do not go with the accompanying text or appear to be randomly chosen.
intermediate Level

Graphics go well with the text but there are too few and the brochure seems "text heavy".
Advance Level

Graphics go well with the text, but there are so many that they distract from the text.

Basic Level

Techniques are not used to enhance the content.
intermediate Level

The odd technique is used to decorate the content.
Advance Level

Techniques used effectively, but could be more appropriate or more widely used.

Basic Level

Manual is poorly set up - cover not eye-catching, information doesn't flow properly as panels open.
intermediate Level

Manual has some issues with cover or information flow.
Advance Level

Some panels of the manual do not flow well, but cover is eye-catching and panels are appropriately layed out.
Permaculture's Summary

Basic Level

The summary is poor and has little value for the reader who is unfamiliar with Permaculture.
intermediate Level

The summary gives value for the reader who is unfamiliar with Permaculture. The reader can understand the basic principles of gardening, using the Permaculture guidelines.
Advance Level

The reader can deeply understand the basic principles for gardening, using the Permaculture guidelines. The Manual's instruction now makes Sense.

  • Manual

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