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iRubric: Criminal Profile rubric

iRubric: Criminal Profile rubric

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Criminal Profile 
This is a creative writing assignment that requires using a fictional text as the basis for the criminal profile.
Rubric Code: S2W257X
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Subject: English  
Type: Writing  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Below Standard

12.5 pts

Meeting Standard

15 pts

Exceeding Standard

25 pts

Six Steps

1. Profiling Input
2. Decision Process
3. Crime Assessment
4.Criminal Personality
/Physical or Social Characteristics
5. Investigation strategies
6. Apprehension

Below Standard

Student does little research but only provides 1-2 steps.
Meeting Standard

Student does some research on the fictional character and develops 3-4 steps; however, it may be inconsistent development.
Exceeding Standard

Student thoroughly researches the fictional character and criminal profiling which effectively develops all components of the criminal profile. The student also identifies important facts and details about the crime.

Below Standard

Student provides limited information or detail that is insufficient and lacks support or connections to criminal profiling.
Meeting Standard

Student provides adequate information, detail, and insight about the criminal and somewhat explores characterization, criminal psychology, forensic science, etc.
Exceeding Standard

Student provides effective information, detail, insight, and sophistication about the criminal and somewhat explores setting, characterization, criminal psychology, and forensic science.

Below Standard

· no evidence that the student is manipulating elements of criminal profiling and/or
language to convey objectivity, meaning, or tone
· Language lacks tone or style.
Meeting Standard

· Student is beginning to take risks with language,
tone, and style
· Early signs of personal voice: reader gets a sense
of the author or the author’s intention while reading
the piece.
Exceeding Standard

·Phrasing and language are memorable
· The tone or voice is original, and the student
seems confident in her or his own voice/style.
· Student manipulates all of the mechanics of good
writing to convey feeling and meaning throughout
the piece.

Below Standard

· Prevalent mechanical and usage errors
· word choice does not seem carefully thought out
· inconsistent organization
· basic structure is there, but not much variation of sentence structure
· Ideas are not fully developed. Critical information may be missing.
· Includes many details and a great deal of information that is
irrelevant to the focus of the piece
Meeting Standard

· Language and mechanics are proficient.
·word choice does not seem carefully thought out
· Piece is organized, but the style may not fit with the content.
· little variation of sentence structure
· Ideas are not fully developed. Critical information may be missing.
· Includes many details and a great deal of information that is
irrelevant to the focus of the piece
Exceeding Standard

· Excellent language and mechanics.
· Effective, subtle, and/or innovative organization
· Word choice is deliberate and works with the content.
· Sentence structure is varied.
· Language and rhythm are consistent throughout the piece.
· The ideas within and behind the work are well developed
· Details are chosen carefully and are not superfluous. Piece holds the reader’s attention.

  • creative writing, crime, fiction

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