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iRubric: Explain Everything Algebra Screencast Rubric

iRubric: Explain Everything Algebra Screencast Rubric

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Explain Everything Algebra Screencast Rubric 
Students will use Explain Everything to demonstrate their understanding of solving multi-step equations.
Rubric Code: RX67X69
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Subject: Math  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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  4 Exemplary Screencast

4 pts

3 Proficient Screencast

3 pts

2 Needs-Improvement Screencast

2 pts

1- Re-do Screencast

1 pts


Before you press "RECORD"... write and rehearse!

4 Exemplary Screencast

Written script includes all steps to solve the equation

Script is neatly hand-written or typed
3 Proficient Screencast

Written script includes most of the steps to solve the equation

Script is neatly hand-written or typed
2 Needs-Improvement Screencast

Written script includes some of the steps to solve the equation

Script is neatly hand-written or typed
1- Re-do Screencast

Written script lacks clarity regarding the steps to solve the equation

Script is not neatly hand-written or typed

Ask a peer and/or parent to review your math work before you create your video.

4 Exemplary Screencast

All information is accurate, computations are correct and the steps are accurate

All information is on-topic & presented in a logical order

Includes multiple correct methods to solve the equation OR includes error analysis of common student mistakes
3 Proficient Screencast

All information is accurate

All information is on-topic & presented in a logical order

Includes one method to solve
2 Needs-Improvement Screencast

Some ideas are inaccurate

Some ideas are out of order

Includes one method to solve
1- Re-do Screencast

Re-write script after researching accurate information

Re-order ideas to make sure the order makes sense

Revise script to include correct solution strategies

Let's get this screencast started on the right foot!

4 Exemplary Screencast

Purpose of the screencast is clearly & creatively stated

Draws the audience in with compelling questions or exciting hook

Screencaster introduces self clearly & creatively, including the student's FIRST NAME only
3 Proficient Screencast

Purpose of screencast is clearly stated

Appeals to audience with a question or hook

Screencaster introduces self using student's FIRST NAME only
2 Needs-Improvement Screencast

Purpose of screencast is stated (but unclear)

Lacks appeal or relevance for audience

FIRST NAME stated, but not clear
1- Re-do Screencast

Revise script to include the purpose of screencast

Revise script to appear more interesting or relevant to audience

Make sure to include screen caster's FIRST NAME introduction

Effective communication is a must.

4 Exemplary Screencast

All spoken sentences are grammatically correct

No slang or short-hand
3 Proficient Screencast

Some errors in grammar

Some slang or short-hand
2 Needs-Improvement Screencast

Many grammatical errors

Grammar or slang interferes with viewers’ comprehension of the mathematics
1- Re-do Screencast

Need to edit script due to grammatical errors

Re-record to ensure speech is clear and professional

Not too long... not too short... just right.

4 Exemplary Screencast

Screencast length keeps the audience interested & engaged

Video length is between 1:30 and 2:30
3 Proficient Screencast

Screencast length is just right (not too long, not too short)
2 Needs-Improvement Screencast

Screencast length is adequate
1- Re-do Screencast

Rehearse more

Revise timing to better use screencast technology

Make it look awesome!

4 Exemplary Screencast

Student finds creative ways to show or demonstrate the solution on screen

Visuals are organized and easy to read
3 Proficient Screencast

Every movement on screen has a purpose that supports the solution

Visuals are organized and generally easy to read
2 Needs-Improvement Screencast

Some accidental or unrelated movements on-screen

Visuals are organized but lack neatness
1- Re-do Screencast

Re-record screencast with movements or actions that support the solution

Re-do visuals so they are organized and legible

Can you hear me now?

4 Exemplary Screencast

Extremely well-rehearsed, smooth delivery in a conversational style

Voice is clear, expressive, and appropriately enthusiastic

Voice volume enhances presentation.

Free of background noise, fumble sounds or dead space
3 Proficient Screencast

Well-rehearsed & almost always smooth delivery

Voice is clear and expressive

Voice volume fits presentation

Some extra noise or dead space that does not interfere with meaning
2 Needs-Improvement Screencast

Adequate rehearsal, but sometimes mechanical

Some parts of the audio need to be re-recorded to increase clarity or expression

Too noisy in background

Try re-recording in a quieter room or use a different microphone
1- Re-do Screencast

Practice your presentation until it doesn’t sound like you are reading

Make sure explanation sounds expressive & rhythmic

Speed up or slow down

Re-record your screencast in a quiet room, without any long pauses, silliness, or “ums”

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