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iRubric: Creativity Rubric

iRubric: Creativity Rubric

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Creativity Rubric 
Assessing Creativity With thanks to Grant Wiggins.
Rubric Code: Q9972W
Public Rubric
Subject: Education  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Unusually Creative

6 pts

Highly Creative

5 pts


4 pts

Hit and Miss

3 pts

Not Very

2 pts

Completely Lacking

1 pts

Creativity Feedback

Unusually Creative

The work is unusually creative. The ideas/materials/methods used are novel, striking, and
highly effective. Important ideas/feelings are illuminated or highlighted in sophisticated
ways. The creation shows great imagination, insight, style, and daring. The
creator takes risks in form, style, and/or content.
• The problem has been imaginatively re-framed to enable a compelling and powerful
• Rules or conventions broken=something powerful.
Highly Creative

The work is highly creative. The ideas/materials/methods used are imaginative and
effective. There is attention to detail. A clear and confident voice and style are present.
• Novel approaches/moves/directions/ideas/perspectives were used to good effect
• There is an effective blend of personal style and technical knowledge
• Familiar materials and ideas have been combined in new and imaginative ways
• The work provokes a lively audience response.

The work is creative. The ideas/materials/methods used are effective. A voice and style
are present.
•Novel approaches/moves/directions/ideas/perspectives were used to good effect
• There are imaginative and personal touches scattered throughout the work
• The work keeps the audience mostly engaged
• There is a discernible and interesting effect/focus/message/style, with lapses in
• The work takes some risks in methods/style/content.
Hit and Miss

The work is somewhat creative. The ideas/materials/methods used show signs of
imagination and personal style.
• Familiar approaches/routines/moves were used, but with a few new twists
• Novel ideas or approaches may be present but they seem stuck on, excessive, out of
place and/or not integrated effectively in the work
• Time-tested recipes and clichés are used even where there is a personal voice – the
work is pretty “safe”
Not Very

The work is not very creative. The approach is trite and the ideas clichéd, leading to a flat
and predictable performance. There is little sense of the creator’s touch, voice, or style here.
• The work offers little in the way of new approaches/methods/ideas
• There is little sign of personal voice, touch, or style
• There is excessive and incoherent use of different materials, techniques, ideas.
Completely Lacking

The work is uncreative.
• The performance re-creates someone else’s performance or relies exclusively on the
models/algorithms/moves/recipes/templates/directions/materials provided.
• The work is predictable throughout, relying almost exclusively on hackneyed
approaches; there is no apparent personal touch
• The work is timid and lacking in vivid feelings and ideas – so abstract that it has little
to say to an audience.



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