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iRubric: Writing Experience Rubric

iRubric: Writing Experience Rubric

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Writing Experience Rubric 
Traditional Writing Criteria
Rubric Code: Q246B93
Ready to use
Public Rubric
Subject: English  
Type: Writing  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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5 pts

Exceeds Expectations

4 pts

Meets Expectations

3 pts

Approaches Expectations

2 pts

Below Expectations

1 pts



Remains focused on a clear main idea
Exceeds Expectations

Generally remains focused on a main idea
Meets Expectations

Often strays from main idea
Approaches Expectations

Digresses frequently from main idea.
Below Expectations

No clear development of ideas.

Content is not related in any way.


Includes an inviting opening.

Sequence is logical and effective.

Has strong, embedded transitions.

Conveys a satisfying conclusion.
Exceeds Expectations

Includes recognizable opening.

Sequence is logical.

Has strong, natural transitions that extend beyond a bland "First...Next... Finally" Structure.

Conveys a predictable conclusion.
Meets Expectations

Attempts an opening.

Sequence is brief or limited.

Attempts transitions, but most utilize bland or unimaginative structure.

Attempts a conclusion.
Approaches Expectations

Begins abruptly, or has no opening.

Reflects no attempt to establish order.

Reflects no attempt at making transitions.

Ends abruptly or has no conclusion.
Below Expectations

Organization causes confusion.


Uses specific examples to highlight claim/s

Uses interesting, varied and ample detail, which engages the reader.
Exceeds Expectations

Uses specific examples to highlight claim/s

Uses a great deal of interesting, varied and ample detail, but does not paint a full picture
Meets Expectations

Uses specific examples to highlight claim/s

Uses a moderate amount of detail, but still leaves the reader with a cloudy image
Approaches Expectations

Uses a dearth of specific examples to highlight claims

Uses a dearth of detail to convey experience or personal assessment.
Below Expectations

Missing specific examples or details.


Each sentence, as well as the overall essay, is totally clear. There is no place where the reader would be puzzled or confused.
Exceeds Expectations

*One or two sentences are not completely clear.

*There are one or two places where a reader would be confused.
Meets Expectations

*Several sentences are not completely clear.

*There are several places where a reader would be confused.
Approaches Expectations

*Many sentences are not completely clear.

*There are many places where a reader would be confused.
Below Expectations

No sentence structure.



Uses correct capitalization.

Uses a variety of end and internal punctuation correctly (ex. apostrophes, question marks, commas)

Writes with correct grammar and usage (subject/verb agreement, irregular noun forms, verb forms).

Uses correct spelling even of more difficult words.
Exceeds Expectations

Uses correct capitalization most of the time.

Uses correct end punctuation

Attempts to write with correct grammar and usage; occasional errors do not distort meaning.

Uses spelling that is usually correct, especailly on common words.
Meets Expectations

Uses inconsistent capitalization.

Uses end punctuation inconsistently.

Makes errors in grammar and usage that may interfere with meaning.

Misspells common words.
Approaches Expectations

Uses incorrect capitalization.

Uses incorrect end punctuation; or omits punctuation

Makes frequent errors in grammar and usage that affect meaning.

Makes frequent spelling errors that significantly impair readability.
Below Expectations

Errors make it difficult to understand.


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