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iRubric: Interactive Student Notebook Rubric

iRubric: Interactive Student Notebook Rubric

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Interactive Student Notebook Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Interactive Student Notebook Rubric
built by davisknows

Rubric Code: M8227C
This rubric will be used to grade your interactive notebook.
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Keywords: Interactive notebook for English
Categories: Subjects: English   Humanities  
Types: Project   Class note   Assessment  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Exceeding Expectations
10 pts
Fully Meeting Expectations
8 pts
Minimally Meeting Expectations
5 pts
Not Yet Meeting Expectations
2 pts
Exceeding Expectations

Work is very organized; pages are attached securely; left side/right side order intact; pages are dated and all in order on contents page.

Great care and detail have been made to create organizational systems for ease of use.
Fully Meeting Expectations

Work is organized; Some pages are loose; left side/right side intact; Most pages are numbered and dated. Most pages are included on the contents page.

Care has been taken to make it as neat as possible.
Minimally Meeting Expectations

Work is a little confusing; Pages hanging out of notebook; Some pages are numbered and/or dated. Some pages are on the contents page but not all.

A functional notebook.
Not Yet Meeting Expectations

Work has little order; pages are missing; left side/right side order is not correct; most pages are not numbered or dated.

A dysfunctional notebook.
Student Notes: Teacher input
Exceeding Expectations

All work is clear, complete, detailed. Anyone could use as a study guide.
Fully Meeting Expectations

All work is clear, complete. Some missing details but effect is minor.

A sufficient study guide.
Minimally Meeting Expectations

Work and notes are mostly done, some assignments are missing or incomplete.

An incomplete study guide.
Not Yet Meeting Expectations

Much of the work is missing or unreadable.

Unusable as a study guide.
Student Reflection: Info Crunch
Exceeding Expectations

Work is clear, focused, reveals personal reflection.

All assignments are complete.

Student has used multiple reflection techniques throughout. Techniques are well suited to the task and executed with great care and detail.
Fully Meeting Expectations

Work is clear, focused, reflective.

Most assignments are complete.

Student has used a core group of reflection techniques well with good detail.
Minimally Meeting Expectations

Work is sufficiently reflective.

Some missing reflections.

Limited techniques used with varying detail.
Not Yet Meeting Expectations

Right side is blank.

Majority of assignments are missing.

Limited techniques used; insufficient reflection.

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