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iRubric: Sustainable Community Project Rubric

iRubric: Sustainable Community Project Rubric

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Sustainable Community Project Rubric 
Rubric Code: H2459A6
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Subject: Social Sciences  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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  level 2

4 pts

level 3

8 pts

level 4

10 pts

Communicating Understanding

level 2

Community has two sustainable features. It appears that a limited amount of planning went into this project.
level 3

Community has three sustainable features. It appears that this project was well planned out.
level 4

Community has 4 or more sustainable features. It is obvious that a significant amount of planning went in to this project.

level 2

The group attempted some creativity in the design.
level 3

The group achieved a well-constructed and somewhat creative design to their community.
level 4

The group was successful in designing a community that is well-constructed and extremely creative.

level 2

Demonstrates minimal enthusiasm about the topic and provides some pertinent information. Occasionally speaks with a clear voice and uses minimal eye contact.
level 3

Demonstrates enthusiasm about the topic and provides pertinent examples and explanations. Speaks with a clear voice and uses some eye contact.
level 4

Demonstrates significant enthusiasm about the topic and provides many pertinent examples. Speaks clear with inflection and consistently uses eye contact.
Time Management

level 2

Task time was not used wisely and the student put in no additional effort.
Late / No submittal
level 3

Task time was used wisely. Student could have put in more time and effort.
level 4

Much time and effort went into the planning and design of the community model. It is clear the student used task time efficiently. Output submitted before the set due date.

  • Sustainable Communities


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