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iRubric: Compare & Contrast Presentation Rubric with a Venn Diagram

iRubric: Compare & Contrast Presentation Rubric with a Venn Diagram

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Compare & Contrast Presentation Rubric with a Venn Diagram 
This rubric is designed to assess the presentation of the group activity. The rubric should consider the performance of the group as a whole, as well as individual contributions.
Rubric Code: G23C3C9
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Subject: English  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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5 pts

Meet Expectations

4 pts

Below Expectations

3 pts

Needs Improvement

2 pts



Presentation was very organized and was very easy to follow. Transitions between group members were well planned and executed cleanly.
Meet Expectations

Presentation was fairly organized and pretty followable. Transitions might have been slightly discontinuous but did not take away greatly from the overall presentation.
Below Expectations

Presentation was not clearly organized. Transitions between members were jumpy or awkward.
Needs Improvement

Presentation lacked organization. Poor transitions between group members individual parts. Presentation lacked order and very difficult to follow.


The group worked very well with each other and the presentation was shared equally among the group members.
Meet Expectations

The group worked well with each other and communicated well. Some members participated slightly more than others.
Below Expectations

Group communicated relatively well with a few lapses in the presentation; some students dominated the presentation and others did not participate much.
Needs Improvement

Group did not work well together. There were obvious miscommunications and lapses in the presentation.


Group members had a stronghold on the content and content was thoroughly addressed. No mistakes were made with regard to content knowledge. All statements noting similarities are placed in the center circle and all statements that note differences are placed in the correct outer circle.
Meet Expectations

Most of the group members has a solid understanding of the content. Content missing minor elements or contained minor errors. Most statements are placed in the correct circle, but student mixed up a few statements.
Below Expectations

Group members had only a superficial understanding of content. Several mistakes were made during the presentation. Few statements are placed in the correct circle.
Needs Improvement

Group members had little to no understanding of the content addressed in the presentation. Only one concept was used to compare and contrast the two concepts. All of the statements are not placed in the correct circle.
Visual Aid(s)


Visual aids used were used effectively throughout presentation. Group members used visual aids as a supplement, not as a crutch.
Meet Expectations

Visual aids used were somewhat effective. One or two students relied on the visual aid to present information.
Below Expectations

Visual aids used did not support verbal presentation. They lacked information, or most of the groups members read from them.
Needs Improvement

Visual aids were not used at all.

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