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iRubric: Advertising Poster rubric

iRubric: Advertising Poster rubric

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Advertising Poster 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Candy Invention
Rubric Code: D2X7C33
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Subject: English  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: K-5, 9-12

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  Exceeds Standard

4 pts

Meets Standard

3 pts

Approaching Standrad

2 pts

Below Standard

1 pts


Exceeds Standard

The poster shows exceptional use of imagination, color, imagery, and font. It is neat, clear and visually striking. Catches and maintains the audience's attention, creating a strong overall impression.
Meets Standard

The poster is neat and easily readable from a distance. It contains an image and creative use of font, color, and imagination to interest the audience.
Approaching Standrad

The poster uses some images, color and font techniques, but it is unimaginative or messy. Only briefly catches the attention of the reader, but the overall effect is not convincing.
Below Standard

The poster is messy, lacking color or images or creative use of font. The poster is rushed and unimaginative. It does not appear that the creator spent time on the assignment. The overall effect is unremarkable.

Exceeds Standard

Advertisement contains a unique, creative, catchy slogan.
Meets Standard

Advertisement contains a creative slogan that appropriately markets the product.
Approaching Standrad

Advertisement contains a slogan, but it may be unimaginative.
Below Standard

Advertisement does not contain a slogan or unrelated to the product.
Spelling and Grammar

Exceeds Standard

Advertisement contains no spelling or grammar mistakes.
Meets Standard

Advertisement contains no more than one spelling mistake and only minor grammar mistakes that do not interfere with meaning or readability.
Approaching Standrad

Advertisement contains multiple spelling and grammar mistakes that detract from the meaning and readability
Below Standard

Advertisement contains numerous spelling and grammar mistakes that distract from the overall meaning of the piece.

Exceeds Standard

Student speaks clearly, makes eye contact, and is knowledgeable about the product.
Meets Standard

Student mostly speaks clearly, makes eye contact, and/or is somewhat knowledgeable about the product.
Approaching Standrad

Student somewhat makes eye contact, and/or is vaguely knowledgeable about the product.
Below Standard

Student rarely speaks clearly, makes eye contact, and/or is knowledgeable about the product.

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