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iRubric: Mind Mapping rubric

iRubric: Mind Mapping rubric

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Mind Mapping 
Mind Map Rubric - How might Buildings use Nature to Reduce CO2 emissions?>
Rubric Code: D247BCC
Ready to use
Public Rubric
Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Did not meet expectations

7 pts

Minimally Meets Expectations

15 pts

Meets Expectations

20 pts

Fully Meets Expectations

25 pts

Mind Mapping Guidelines

Did not meet expectations

Insufficient coverage of guidelines.
Minimally Meets Expectations

Show basic understanding of key guidelines.
Meets Expectations

Show a solid grasp of most of the guidelines.
Fully Meets Expectations

Shows a solid grasp of all the guidelines.

Did not meet expectations

Little to no indication that ideas are connected to and radiating from the centre.
Minimally Meets Expectations

Ideas radiate out from centre, some confusion as you follow ideas.
Meets Expectations

Ideas connect to central image and ideas.
Fully Meets Expectations

Ideas clearly connect to central image.
Images and words

Did not meet expectations

Little to no evidence of key images. May have a few keywords.
Minimally Meets Expectations

Images and keywords are evident, but either too few or imprecise.
Meets Expectations

Images and key words clearly show an understanding of content, although not memorable.
Fully Meets Expectations

Dynamic use of image and keywords. Clearly connect to central image.
Colour and Connections

Did not meet expectations

Little to no use of colour or links to illustrate connections between ideas.
Minimally Meets Expectations

Obvious attempt is made to use colour or links to enhance clarity and memory. Still a bit confusing.
Meets Expectations

Clearly uses colour or links to clarify connections and to assist with memory for most aspects of the mind map.
Fully Meets Expectations

Effectively uses colour and links to meaningfully clarify connections for all aspects of the mind map.

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