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iRubric: voice memo rubric

iRubric: voice memo rubric

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voice memo 
Las direciones en la ciudad
Rubric Code: R73AA4
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Subject: Foreign Languages  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Exceeds Standards (5)

1 pts

Meets Standards (3-4)

2 pts

Below Standards (1-2)

3 pts

Due date:

Exceeds Standards (5)

Student completed voice memo on time.
Meets Standards (3-4)

Student completed voice memo but was late.
Below Standards (1-2)

Student completed voice memo but was unreasonably late.

Exceeds Standards (5)

Consistently employs correct and appropriate grammar. Errors are minimal or do not interfere with meaning.
Meets Standards (3-4)

Generally employs adequate grammar. Errors may be frequent and may interfere with meaning.
Below Standards (1-2)

Employs only basic grammar, or grammar use is inadequate. Errors may cause the response be incomprehensible.

Exceeds Standards (5)

Uses extensive vocabulary. Vocabulary is appropriate and accurate.
Meets Standards (3-4)

Uses adequate vocabulary. First language many noticeably influence communication at times.
Below Standards (1-2)

Uses inadequate vocabulary. First language inhibits communication throughout response.

Exceeds Standards (5)

Elaborates consistently with appropriate and precise details in a coherent manner.
Meets Standards (3-4)

Elaborates occasionally with some appropriate details in a generally coherent manner.
Below Standards (1-2)

Provides few or no appropriate details, or may not attempt to elaborate at all. Response is incoherent.

Exceeds Standards (5)

Oral production is clear and smooth. Is completely understood by listener.
Meets Standards (3-4)

Oral production is comprehensible. May be occasionally misunderstood by listener.
Below Standards (1-2)

Oral production is choppy and unclear. Confuses the listener by using language that does not make sense.

Exceeds Standards (5)

Pronounces words correctly and clearly enunciates. Speech patterns mimic those of natural speech.
Meets Standards (3-4)

Pronounces most words correctly. Enunciates clearly at times. Speech patterns may seem natural at times.
Below Standards (1-2)

Pronounces many words incorrectly. Does not enunciate clearly. Speech is unnatural or monotone.


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