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iRubric: Writing Poetry Rubric

iRubric: Writing Poetry Rubric

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Writing Poetry Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Writing Poetry Rubric
built by womaNIZAA

Rubric Code: ZX92243
Used for grading poems written by students.
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Keywords: Poem, poetry, middle school, writing
Categories: Subjects: English  
Types: Writing  
Grade Levels:

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  Exceeding Standards
4 pts
Meeting Standards
3 pts
Approaching Standards
2 pts
Below Standards
1 pts
Meaning and Originality
Exceeding Standards

Poem is creative and original. It is evident that the poet put thought into their words and uniquely conveyed their ideas and emotions.
Meeting Standards

Poem is thoughtful and creative. A couple of phrases or ideas may be revisited, but the overall product is carefully written.
Approaching Standards

Most of the poem is creative, but appears to be rushed. This is evident in the poet's redundancy or use of cliches.
Below Standards

Poems appear to be thoughtless or rushed. Work is very repetitive, and ideas are unoriginal.
Sensory Details
Exceeding Standards

Vivid, detailed images and intensely felt emotion make the poem come alive.
Meeting Standards

Clear sensory images are used to portray ideas or emotions
Approaching Standards

Some use of image, idea, or emotion
Below Standards

Difficult to visualize image or emotion
Exceeding Standards

The poem is complete and follows its intended form, in the style of Pablo Neruda.
Meeting Standards

The poem is written in its proper forms with a few mistakes.
Approaching Standards

The poem is somewhat written in its proper form.
Below Standards

The poem is not written in its proper form.
Exceeding Standards

Proper use of English spelling and grammar is used consistently throughout each poem. Punctuation is utilized when necessary.
Meeting Standards

A couple of spelling or grammar mistakes are evident, but do not diminish the meaning of the poem. Punctuation is utilized when necessary.
Approaching Standards

The poet's intended meaning is confusing by several spelling or grammar errors. Punctuation may be misused.
Below Standards

There are numerous spelling or grammar errors, making the poems difficult to understand. Puncutation is used incorrectly.

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