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iRubric: Persuasive Letter Writing Rubric

iRubric: Persuasive Letter Writing Rubric

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Persuasive Letter Writing Rubric 
Write a persuasive letter. Remember to correctly use and punctuate all the parts of the letter.
Rubric Code: Z246B59
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Subject: English  
Type: Writing  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  Far Below Target

0 pts

Below Target

1 pts

At Target

2 pts

Exceeds Target

3 pts


4 pts


Far Below Target

The introduction lacks clarity and engagement, providing little insight into the purpose of the letter. Greeting is inappropriate or absent.
Below Target

The introduction is basic, providing some context to the purpose of the letter. Greeting is somewhat appropriate.
At Target

The introduction is clear and provides context to the purpose of the letter. Greeting is appropriate.
Exceeds Target

The introduction is compelling, effectively setting the tone and purpose of the letter. Greeting is well-chosen and suits the tone.

The introduction is exceptionally engaging, immediately capturing the reader's attention. Greeting is not only appropriate but also enhances the overall tone.
Content/ Persuasion

Far Below Target

Limited or unclear arguments with minimal supporting details.
Below Target

Basic arguments with some supporting details.
At Target

Clear and well-developed arguments with relevant supporting details.
Exceeds Target

Highly persuasive arguments with strong, compelling supporting details.

Exceptionally compelling arguments with nuanced, convincing supporting details.
Organisation & structure

Far Below Target

Lack of clear organisation; ideas are disorganised.
Below Target

Limited attempt at organisation; ideas are somewhat structured.
At Target

Logical organisation with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Transitions are present but may be basic.
Exceeds Target

Seamless organisation with a well-defined structure. Effective use of transitions between paragraphs.

Outstanding organisation with a compelling structure that enhances flow. Transitions are sophisticated and enhance coherence.
Language & Vocabulary

Far Below Target

Limited use of vocabulary; language is simple. Numerous errors in grammar and punctuation.
Below Target

Basic vocabulary with limited variety. Some errors in grammar and punctuation.
At Target

Varied and appropriate use of vocabulary. Few errors in grammar and punctuation.
Exceeds Target

Rich and precise vocabulary. Excellent grammar and punctuation.

Exceptional vocabulary choices that elevate the writing. Impeccable grammar and punctuation.

Far Below Target

Absent or unclear conclusion; lacks a closing statement.
Below Target

Basic conclusion with a generic closing statement.
At Target

Adequate conclusion that summarises key points and includes a closing statement.
Exceeds Target

Well-crafted conclusion that effectively summarises key points and leaves a lasting impression.

Exceptional conclusion that masterfully wraps up the letter, leaving a powerful and memorable impact.



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