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iRubric: Storyboard rubric

iRubric: Storyboard rubric

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Students will create a storyboard and identify each element of the plot by explaining the exposition (characters and setting), conflict, rising action, climax/turning point, falling action and resolution.
Rubric Code: Y24662B
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Subject: English  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  GREAT/Exceeds Exp.


GOOD/Met Expecta.


FAIR/Approaching Exp


Dramatic Structure:
30 pts

Rising Action
Climax/Turning Point
Falling Action

GREAT/Exceeds Exp.

All key events of the plot structure are listed and/or drawn.
GOOD/Met Expecta.

Almost all key events of plot structure are listed and/or drawn.
FAIR/Approaching Exp

Some events of the plot structure are listed and/or drawn, but are incomplete and some key events are missing and/or not in order.
30 pts

GREAT/Exceeds Exp.

Dialogue keeps the story moving along, adds to the pace and shows what the character might be feeling. Adds to the interest and entertainment.
GOOD/Met Expecta.

Dialogue is repetitive and/or scant.
FAIR/Approaching Exp

Hardly any dialogue or has not been included.
Present Tense Verbs
25 pts

GREAT/Exceeds Exp.

All verbs are written in the present tense ready for script writing.
GOOD/Met Expecta.

Most verbs are written in the present tense.
FAIR/Approaching Exp

Very few present tense verbs have been used or none at all.
Stage Directions
15 pts

GREAT/Exceeds Exp.

Narration is written to clearly show the action on stage.
GOOD/Met Expecta.

Most of the narration is written to show the action onstage.
FAIR/Approaching Exp

Some of the narration is written to show the action on stage.

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