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iRubric: Music classroom participation and behavior rubric

iRubric: Music classroom participation and behavior rubric

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Music classroom participation and behavior built by cleetonc

Rubric Code: XX95A6X
This rubric will evaluate the participation of a student based on preparedness, behavior, attitude, and accountability for actions.
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Keywords: Grades K-5
Categories: Subjects: English   Law   Music   (General)  
Types: Presentation   Assessment   (Other)  
Grade Levels: K-5

Powered by iRubric Class Points/Attitude
  Above Average - A(E)
100 pts
Average - B(S)
80 pts
Below Average -C(N)
70 pts
Poor - D(U)
60 pts
Student/Teacher Score
Active Involvement
Above Average - A(E)

Student is always engaged in the activities.

Student participates in class activity and is never causes a distraction.
Average - B(S)

Student is often engaged in the activity but needs a reminder to get back on task at times.

Student mostly follows directions with few distractions.
Below Average -C(N)

Student is rarely engaged in the activity.

Student needs a reminder to get back on task, which can be distracting to teacher/classmates.

Can sometimes discourage others who want to participate.
Poor - D(U)

Student chooses actions that cause them to miss being involved in the class activity.

Student is distracting to the whole class/teacher.

Lacks focus and doesn't pay attention.

Discourages others from participating.
Student/Teacher Score

Above Average - A(E)

Student completes all activities for the class. Student has done required classwork with above average effort.

Shows iniative and needs no prompting to start/complete task.
Average - B(S)

Student completes most activities for the class.
Below Average -C(N)

Student rarely completes activity.
Poor - D(U)

Student does not complete required classwork.
Student/Teacher Score

Listening Skills
Above Average - A(E)

Student always listens to others when they are speaking.

Student is always helpful and respectful when helping others to remember their listening skills.
Average - B(S)

Student tries to listen to others when they are speaking but needs to be reminded to do so at times.

Student is mostly respectful, helpful and kind when interacting with others for most of the class time.
Below Average -C(N)

Student has a hard time listening to others and therefore needs to constantly be reminded to listen to others.
Poor - D(U)

Student does not listen to others.

Consistently interrupts others when they are talking.
Student/Teacher Score

Above Average - A(E)

Student is positive about the activities being done in class.

Student is a positive influence in the classroom.
Average - B(S)

Student is neutral about the activities.

Student spreads mixed feelings around the class, both positive and seldom negative.
Below Average -C(N)

Student is rarely engaged in the activity.

Student can be fairly negative and needs a reminder to get back on task.
Poor - D(U)

Student has a negative attitude.

Student makes the experience bad for others around him/her.

Student blames others rather than taking responsibility for his/her attitude.
Student/Teacher Score

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