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iRubric: 5th Grade Informative Essay rubric

iRubric: 5th Grade Informative Essay rubric

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5th Grade Informative Essay 
Guidelines for scoring an informative essay on how to eat an ice cream cone.
Rubric Code: WX84X43
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Subject: English  
Type: Writing  
Grade Levels: K-5

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How to Eat an Ice Cream Cone
  Needs Improvement

4 pts

Almost There!

6 pts

Very Good

8 pts

You Nailed It!

10 pts


Needs Improvement

This essay has no intro and starts without introducing the reader to the topic.
Almost There!

This essay has an intro, but it does not clearly state the three subtopics.
Very Good

This essay has a clear introductory paragraph with the topic introduced, but there is no attention "grabber" or "hook."
You Nailed It!

This essay has a clear introduction. The reader is "hooked" into reading more.
Topic Sentence for Each Paragraph

Needs Improvement

The Topic Sentence is not present or is unclear.
Almost There!

The Topic Sentence is present, but does not relate to the introduction and/or there is no transitional phrases.
Very Good

The Topic Sentence is present and clearly written, and relates back to the introduction.
You Nailed It!

The Topic Sentence is a clear restating of the introduction, and contains a transitional phrase.
Supporting Details

Needs Improvement

The details do not support the topic sentence.
Almost There!

Some of the details support the topic sentence, but there are some that do not.
Very Good

Each detail supports the topic sentence, but there are no follow-up sentences.
You Nailed It!

Each detail supports, or tells more about the topic sentence. Follow-up sentences provide additional support.

Needs Improvement

There is no conclusion, and the essay ends without summing up or restating the topic. It doesn't tie the the details together.
Almost There!

There is an attempt at a conclusion, but it doesn't restate the topic or tie the details together.
Very Good

The conclusion sums up the topic, by restating it, but it does tie the details together.
You Nailed It!

The conclusion does an excellent job of summing up or restating the topic and tying the details together.
Transitions, Grammar & Mechanics

Needs Improvement

This essay has no transitions, strong adjectives (descriptive words), strong verbs or imagery. It contains 5 or more errors in usage, spelling and mechanics.
Almost There!

The writer uses few transitional words, strong adjectives (descriptive words), strong verbs, and imagery. The essay also contains 3 to 5 errors in usage, spelling and mechanics.
Very Good

The writer makes an attempt to use transitional words, strong adjectives, imagery, and strong verbs. There are only 1 or 2 errors in usage, spelling and mechanics.
You Nailed It!

The essay has many transition words, adjectives and imagery, and also uses many strong verbs. There are contains no errors in usage, spelling, and mechanics in the essay.

  • Informative Essay



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